Proposed By-Law Change November 12, 2016


This bylaw change will be presented to the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Delegate Meeting

Proposed INC bylaw change:

Several years ago, INC instituted two-year terms of office for board members with a three-term limit. The purpose of the proposed change is to roll back the consecutive term limits to two consecutive terms to promote fresh voices and prevent staleness in the organization. We are also removing unnecessary wording in one section.

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Presidents Message October 27, 2016


It is this need for knowledge sharing and exposure to the cities important topics that is a pillar of importance for the Denver INC and for your membership in our Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation. When representatives from your RNO attend our INC committee meetings and our delegate meetings, you have a great opportunity to keep up with the changes that the city government is making. INC creates the opportunity to participate in the decision making process and to influence the decisions that are made.

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Auditor Report Helps to Generate Parks Designation Policy From Parks and Recs


The proposed policy defines what is a park and what is not a park. More importantly, it clarifies the processes for “Designated” and “Dedicated” parks. Essentially, a Designated park involves Charter recognition, requiring a public vote to change a park’s status (excepting state or federal eminent domain), whereas a Dedicated park is recognized under DPR policies. This proposed policy has been in draft form since 2009

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What improvements would you like to see in Denver?


Periodically, the City and County of Denver authorizes general obligation (GO) bonds to restore, replace, and expand existing capital assets across the city. The last General Obligation bond, known as the Better Denver Bond Program, was in 2007 and allowed Denver to improve, preserve, renovate and build new roads, libraries, parks, city offices, and other facilities related to health and human services, public safety and culture.

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INC’s Annual Awards Dinner 2017


INC will host its annual awards dinner and silent auction fundraiser on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at the Doubletree Hotel Stapleton. The primary focus of this dinner is to honor those who contribute to and improve Denver’s community and neighborhoods. We invite you to submit your written nominations for the following awards. You may submit online or by mail. Please include the name, neighborhood, nominee’s contact information and a concise reason for the nomination as it pertains to the criteria.

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League of Women Voters Denver Opposes Initiated Ordinance 300


“Oppose: League of Women Voters of Denver based its opposition to Initiative 300 on our position on Citizen Participation in Government, which advocates for increased opportunities for citizen input into governmental process.”


This ordinance does not include public hearings before a permit is issued or a process for citizens to oppose a permit. Good government process demands input from all interested citizens for good representative results.

The initiative requires approval from only one neighborhood group or business improvement district to issue the permit and does not require prior public posting of a potential permit. Again, this ordinance limits the ability of all citizens to weigh in on the permits.

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Their slide presentation covered Effects of climate change – planning now and for the future of extreme heat predictions. It dealt with mitigation and adaption, the special concern of Denver’s “urban heat island effect”. Contributing to the urban heat island effect for Denver is being surrounded by higher land and tall buildings, more extreme weather, less snowpack and early melting, and high CO2 emissions affecting climate change. Reducing Denver’s CO2 level is something that can be address and Mayor Hancock asked Environmental Health to developed a plan to reach 80% reduction of CO2 by 2050 in Denver.

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AUDIT REPORT Mayor’s Office Office of Marijuana Policy October 2016


As described in the attached report, our audit revealed that OMP is widely considered an important addition to the City that has established strong working relationships between City agencies. However, we found that OMP could increase its efforts for more transparent and collaborative management regarding marijuana tax revenue and marijuana policy.
Through further collaboration with the Budget and Management Office to identify and practice a more transparent method of using marijuana tax revenue, OMP will address community concerns regarding how marijuana tax revenue is used. Further, by strengthening its outreach efforts to the marijuana industry and the community regarding the development and enforcement of marijuana policy, OMP will be consistent with its mission and best practices regarding citizen engagement.

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2017 INC Annual Dinner Committee Building


The 2017 Annual Awards Dinner has been set for January 31, 2017 at Doubletree Hotel Stapleton. Jane Potts has agreed to chair this event and is currently building her committee. The event will focus on honoring those who have contributed to and improved Denver’s community and neighborhoods. The event will also feature a silent auction fundraiser.

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Humboldt Street Neighborhood Loses Battle


Despite an appeal to the Denver Board of Adjustment the Humboldt Street Neighborhood Association lost its appeal by a vote of 4-1. The administrative appeal was filed by the Humboldt Street Neighborhood Association to the Board of Adjustment for Zoning Appeals in Cases 150-16 ad 151-16. The neighborhood association appealed the granting by the Zoning Administrator of a permit to allow the construction at 108 residential apartments and a restaurant in two new buildings on two adjacent zone lots with no parking spaces at 1570 and 1578 Humboldt Street. Videos from Channel 4 and Channel 7 are provided

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INC’s Charitable Works


INC’s Charitable Works has completed several charitable effort projects this year in addition to donations of time and dollars to benefit those in need. Other collection drives included:
-Toiletries drive to benefit The Gathering Place (a refuge for homeless women)
-School supplies drive to benefit Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver
-INC’s Zoning & Planning Committee has also regularly contributed to SW Improvement Council food bank in Westwood neighborhood.

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