Motion voted on at the ZAP meeting on August 22, 2015


Neighborhood representatives recently became aware of an action by the Department of Excise and Licenses that deeply disappointed us and threatens to undermine the collaboration that neighborhood representatives thought we had developed with Excise and Licenses during the last 8 years. READ MORE

Friends of Denver Parks Has A Date With The Colorado Court of Appeals


We are fighting because if we win, ultimately we can return the land to the ownership of the citizens of Denver. After the school has outlived its useful life in 20-40 years, DPS and the City can restore the 11 acres to natural area park land as part of Paul A. Hentzell Park for the use of future generations. READ MORE

Seeking public input on River North Park- Take the survey now!


Denver Parks & Recreation, in partnership with the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, is seeking input and ideas to help create an iconic, inspirational design for River North (RiNo) Park. RiNo Park is located at the intersection of 35th and Delgany streets, along the Platte River. Envisioned to be a center for culture and recreation, the park will highlight local arts, sustainability, and enhance the ecology of the river corridor. READ MORE

INC PARC Meeting Notes Aug 18, 2015


May Fenton distributed flyers stating DPR Recycling program is tripling in size. recyleIt is now in eleven Denver parks. She said this will result in savings for DPR, which can be passed along to add recycling to more parks, provide more staff and monitoring. She described various types of recycling containers DPR is selecting, working with Public Works. PARC asked for further cost analysis figures, and will revisit this topic. PARC mentioned that natural areas and trails might be better served aesthetically with the present “barrel” containers rather than large purple bins. READ MORE

INC Zoning and Planning Committee Meeting

Please attend the next committee meeting:
9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
1201 Williams Street – 19th floor party room
(North edge of Cheesman Park)
(Guest parking is available to south of high rise and also on both sides of East13th Ave.)
l. Update on Community Planning and Development Issues – Presentation by Director Brad Buchanan.
2. Updating of Neighborhood Plans – Presentation by Caryn Champine, CPD Planning Services READ MORE

Airbnb: a lucrative gig – if you don’t get caught [BusinessDen]

It’s an unregulated practice that has left property management companies and city officials scrambling to address issues associated with short-term rentals. Cat-and-mouse games between landlord and tenant play out as the Denver City Council tries to draft regulations that appease both sides – a balance several other cities have failed to achieve…The task force, led by Councilwoman Susman, will present the draft at a Neighborhoods and Planning Committee meeting Sept. 2, but it will be months before any regulations are finalized. Palmisano, Susman’s aide, said the council might reach a decision by the end of the year. READ MORE

INC Delegation Approves Resolution On Parks Designation


no park or portion of any park belonging to the City as of December 31, 1955, shall be sold or leased at any time, and no land acquired by the City after December 31, 1955, that is designated a park by ordinance shall be sold or leased at any time, provided, however, that property in parks may be leased for park purposes to concessionaires, to charitable or nonprofit organizations, or to governmental jurisdictions. READ MORE

INC Delegates Meeting Resolution On Video


On Aug 8 2015 the INC Delegates passed a resolution concerning Denver City Park Solid Waste Incinerator, also known as gasification.
Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation calls upon
1.) the Denver Zoo to document relevant, substantive technical and operational details of its OSWI Incinerator and release this information to the public, and READ MORE

INC Delegation Approves Resolution on City Park Solid Waste Incinerator


Denver citizens and City Park’s neighbors, who rely on the park’s green space areas for recreation, fitness, and enjoyment, have not been fully informed and included in a decision that affects the park and its visitors and that may place their neighborhoods and City Park at risk, and WHEREAS, The Denver Zoo’s OSWI Incinerator is a unique design, never before built or operated and there are numerous concerns and questions about the safety of the incinerator and its health effects on people, children and animals,… READ MORE

5 Ways to Save Denver’s Civic Center Park [Denver Post]

DENVER , CO - AUGUST 5: Usually used as a pathway rather than a destination, Denver's Civic Center Park needs to step up its game. (Photo by Callaghan O'Hare/The Denver Post)

There’s some reason to believe now is the time. The city’s Parks Department is embarking on a major effort to increase the amount of open space downtown. It wants new parks and better-used parks to balance all the recent construction. The Denver Art Museum is planning a major renovation of its North Building, the 1971 tower designed by architect Gio Ponti, that is right across 14th Street. Both efforts could impact Civic Center. READ MORE

RTD adds rail stop to East Rail Line [Confluence Denver]

A eastline-map-580

The Regional Transportation District is adding a new station to its East Rail Line, which will open in next spring to connect downtown Denver’s Union Station with Denver International Airport.

The Peña Boulevard Station, located at 61st Avenue and Peña Boulevard, will be the sixth eastbound stop on the trip from Union Station to the DIA. Travel time from downtown to DIA will be 37 minutes with trains running every 15 minutes during peak times. Travel time from 61st and Peña to DIA will be about five minutes. READ MORE

Denver, Jeffco teachers unions say they are being kept from new hires [Denver Post]


The Regional Transportation District is adding a new station to its East Rail Line, which will open in next spring to connect downtown Denver’s Union Station with Denver International Airport.
On Tuesday, he said they had a couple dozen veteran teachers in the parking lot of Green Mountain High School, where training was being held, “just cheering and welcoming new teachers, really building that sense of community,” he said. “They called the police first and threatened teachers with trespassing violations if we didn’t move off the school property.” READ MORE