O’Connor Vs The Denver Planning Board 15CA0709


VIDEO: This hearing before the Colorado Court of Appeals, is critically important to Denver’s neighborhoods. The City of Denver maintains that only residents within 200 feet of property have the right to challenge a rezoning decision in court. The intent of this appeal of a District Court decision on this matter is what is being argued here by Attorney Greg Kerwin. However, note also that the City Attorney, Ms. Avila, also argues that no “quasi-judicial” decision of the Denver Planning Board can be appealed in court even if members of the Planning Board act arbitrarily or have clear conflicts of interest. READ MORE

Recycled water doing damage to conifers in Washington Park in Denver


About 90 mature evergreen trees — some up to 100 years old — have died in a patch of mountain forest in the middle of Washington Park, and neighbors are blaming the recycled irrigation water.

The park has been irrigated with recycled water — storm and wastewater cleaned up not quite to drinking standards but OK for lawns and other landscaping — since 2004. But in the last three years the canopy shading what is known as Evergreen Hill has begun to disappear.

Last month alone, 21 dying conifers — mostly blue spruce and Douglas firs — were removed from the hill along Virginia Avenue near Lafayette Street at the north end of the park. READ MORE



Ginger White distributed copies of “The Next Stage: The Future of Denver’s Performing Arts Complex” and discussed plans to remodel the present park area along Speer Blvd. The city believes to stay competitive it needs an informal “arts active” park to suit modern taste. The plan calls for the sculptures to be relocated, land reconfigured into a “neighborhood” area with a playground and dog run spaces, and a “festival” area with indoor and outdoor performance spaces, a café, video wall, pavilion, etc. A fresh market and Arts High school, Cycle and Crossfit, Creative Industries, and Commercial Tower are proposed READ MORE

Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Celebrates 40 Years


As 2015 comes to a close, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) acknowledges a long journey of forty years on the road of addressing neighborhood concerns citywide.
In 1975 a group of activists from several neighborhood organizations realized that neighborhood issues were of similar concern across the city. A meeting was held to establish a cooperation of these groups and thus, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation was born. READ MORE

INC Delegate Meeting Featuring Denver Office of Special Events

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VIDEO: Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Nov 14 2015 Delegate meeting. This meeting featured the Denver Office of Special Events (Katy Stracina) and Denver Parks and Recs (Fred Weiss, Happy Haynes). The topic was “Creating Balance In Our Parks and Neighborhoods” READ MORE

2016 Awards Dinner and Silent Auction


Inter-neighborhood 2016 Awards dinner will be January 28 at the Police Protective Association Event Center 2105 Decatur St. Each year, INC hosts a Neighborhood Awards Dinner and Silent Auction. The dinner is held to honor and celebrate individuals and organizations who have worked to better Denver’s community. Please see the list below and nominate your candidates for these awards now. READ MORE



Thank you for soliciting items for the 2016 Awards Dinner Silent Auction. It will take place in the evening on Thursday, January 28 at the Police Protective Association Event Center in Denver.

Please pickup the items or certificates from the donor businesses by Friday, January 15. Fill out the Receipt form completely. Take your time when filling it out to make sure it is legible. Tear (by folding along the dashed line) or cut and leave the top part with the donor. READ MORE

INC Executive Committee Meeting Oct 12th 2015

INC Executive Committee Meeting
Oct 12th 2015
Started 6:40 pm
Attendance: John Riecke, Joel Nobel, Bibi Alexander, Greg Kerwin, Don Tresler, Margie Valdez, Dave Stauffer, JJ Niemann, Katie Fisher, Larry Ambrose, Merce Lee, Maggie Price, Joanne Ku

Motion to approve the meeting minutes from Sept
– Move: John R. & 2nd Don T.
– Approved by Acclimation READ MORE

Minutes of INC Zoning and Planning Committee October 24, 2015 meeting


The INC ZAP (Zoning and Planning Committee) met on October 24, 2015 from 9:30 am to 11:45 am at 1201 Williams meeting room. Steve Ferris, deputy director of CPD, attended the meeting.

The Committee discussed homeless issues in Denver for the entire meeting.

Homeless issues in Denver
The Saint Francis Center at Park Avenue and Curtis
Two representatives of the Saint Francis Center at 2323 Curtis St. (Park Avenue and Curtis) began the discussion: Andrew Spinks (Development Director) and Tom Luehrs (Executive Director). READ MORE