( All RNOs should send a representative to this meeting.) Above is the link to the Excise and Policies Draft Hearing Policies and Procedures for your review prior to the meeting this Saturday and the explanation for the proposed changes. Please review prior to the meeting so that we will prepared for the presentation. Thank you. Margie

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INC PARC Recommended Resolution RE: Acquisition of Park Hill Golf Course

Whereas, Park Hill Golf Course is approximately 155 acres in size and is generally located between Colorado Boulevard on the west, Smith Road on the north, Dahlia Street on the east, and 35th Avenue on the south, and has been operated as a golf course for over 100 years; and

Whereas, contrary to popular belief, Park Hill Golf Course is NOT owned by Denver, but instead is owned by Clayton Early Learning, which is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to promote early childhood education

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Contract Compliance at Red Rocks

Our audit did, however, identify several areas for improvement regarding internal controls surrounding event user agreements. Specifically, we noted that management is not always ensuring that all contracts are executed before the events take place. Second, we found that not all invoiced amounts are being properly supported with authorizing documentation. Third, the exclusive ticketing agent has not provided assurance that its system provides reliable ticket sales information. Fourth, Denver Arts & Venues is not using electronic funds transfer for venue use payments. Finally, Denver Arts & Venues personnel are not documenting management decisions when interest penalties are waived.

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Denver’s population is surging. Its summers are getting hotter. How will the city’s parks system adapt?

Reprinted from Denver Post –
A new city report that’s part of a drive to set the course for Denver Parks and Recreation for the next 15 to 20 years says such adaptations must accelerate as the parks system contends with several emerging challenges. Chief among them are a rapidly growing population with changing expectations and health needs, climate changes that will impose new environmental stresses on the landscape, and limited budgets and resources that could strain all of those efforts.

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Chair Margie Valdez convened the meeting of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee and led an internal discussion of committee members about several important ongoing topics:

There is a well balanced citizen advisory group working to recommend regulations and procedures to the Department of Excise and Licenses to implement Initiative 300, which Denver voters passed in November 2016, regarding social consumption of marijuana. Margie, who is a member of the advisory group, mentioned the following:

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16CA0920 Whitelaw v. Denver City Council Mt. Gilead/Crestmoor Park

This case presents several precedent-setting issues of state-wide importance about the integrity of the local land use planning and quasi-judicial rezoning process, which affect all local government officials and Colorado property owners in zoned communities.

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Legal floodgate expands to protect public parks

Joe Boven, an active participant in the unfolding event, explains, “These citizens are deeply concerned about the proposed use of City Park Golf Course — which is designated parkland entitled to protection under Denver’s Charter — for purposes both contrary to the public good and park purposes.” They are further concerned that the city has hidden its intention to use a recent stormwater drainage fee increase to fund the Platte to Park Hill drainage system. That system proposes construction of a multi-acre stormwater detention facility in the Golf Course to ease drainage concerns and reduce Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) expenditures for “The Ditch.”

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