INC Delegate Meeting, April 9th 2016


JJ reports that INC has strong membership for 2016. He wants INC to follow established decision-making processes and wants to empower other RNOs and teach them about city issues. Would also like to increase lines of communication between/with RNOs and with the city.
Review of the Board of Directors
JJ reviewed unfilled positions and nominated Lucia for At-Large, approved by delegation
Also called for volunteers for communications, budget, and membership chairs
Reiterated that any RNO member may join a committee, as well
JJ would like to provide a directory of members to the membership for the purposes of helping RNOs learn from each other and join forces when appropriate READ MORE

Airbnb, HomeAway would police rentals under proposed SF law


San Francisco’s struggles to regulate vacation rentals in private homes aren’t over.

Short-term-rental sites like Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO would be on the hook to ensure that their hosts follow the city’s registration requirements under amendments to an existing law that Supervisors David Campos and Aaron Peskin plan to propose on Tuesday, The Chronicle has learned. Platforms that flout the mandate would face fines of up to $1,000 a day per listing and misdemeanor charges.
“Unless the hosting platforms have a role in enforcement, enforcement is not going to happen,” Campos said. “They have to have some skin in the game.” READ MORE

INC PARC Meeting Notes April 19, 2016


Katie reported on the recent PRAB (Parks/Rec Advisory Board) meeting where portions of two parks were voted to be re-named in honor of citizens who have worked diligently to improve and maintain them. The two parks are Ruth Lucille Dreiling Park .. section of Weir Gulch and M.L. Sam Sandos Park part of Barnum North park. Identifying markers will be placed when funds are raised. PRAB planned to vote on the City Park Golf Course flood-control matter, and was upset to be told that although DPR acknowledged that notification and public input were missing, it stated these were not necessary, and the project is going ahead. READ MORE

Denver moves closer to Airbnb rules, but changes still possible


With Susman’s proposals as the baseline, some council members favor more restrictions. Kevin Flynn,who represents mostly suburban southwest Denver, says he intends to offer a competing proposal that would leave it to entire blocks or neighborhoods to decide to opt in before any vacation rentals would be allowed.

Others want to give residents more leeway. Robin Kniech, Stacie Gilmore and Paul Lopez were among members who said Wednesday that they support or are at least are open to Councilman Wayne New’s suggestion to allow a household to rent out its primary residence or a second home, but not both. READ MORE

Legal Issues re: Proposed City Park Golf Course Stormwater Detention Project

updated January 2016

I am writing on behalf of former Colorado Attorney General and my client JD MacFarlane concerning the proposed Denver Department of Public Works (“DPW”) project regarding the engineered detention of water in City Park Golf Course. As you know, that project—if completed—will result in water detention that exceeds the natural detention and filtration which occurs currently in the City Park Golf Course.
Not only will this proposed action entail the destruction of many mature trees, put Bogey’s employees out of work (and possibly require the demolition of the City’s recently-constructed building), and alter the character of a site that was designed by a renowned landscape architect and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it will render the City Park Golf Course unfit for use on a not-infrequent basis as the Course fills with untreated storm water. READ MORE

Report on the 2016 INC Presidential Election


INC had its Annual Meeting on Saturday March 12th, at which elections for officers were
held. A President, Secretary, and three At-Large members were elected but this report will focus exclusively on the election of the President, the form of the election, the counting of votes, and the result, as it was only this position’s election for which questions were raised. The following facts are taken from the minutes of the March 14th, 2016 INC Executive Committee meeting, at which a detailed fact-finding session was held, with John Riecke presiding. READ MORE

Auditor Recommends Measures to Accurately Account For Parks, Other Capital Assets Mar 17, 2016


Numerous park parcels added in the past 60 years never received official designation. After the Hentzell land transfer controversy, DPR has moved to designate almost 750 acres of land that had not previously been designated. Currently, almost 70% of the urban land managed by DPR has been designated as a park. Forty-two separate parcels were designated between April of 2013 and November of 2015. READ MORE

Denver Auditor claims zoo dodges audit on plan to turn poop into energy


The auditor’s office wants to investigate money that was spent on the plant and current plans for the proposed facility.

Denver Zoo announced in September it would discontinue, a least temporarily, plans for a $3.7 million biomass gasification system that turns animal waste into energy. Zoo officials say if the plant is built, it will not be on zoo grounds.

“The Zoo’s obstruction has increased the perceived risk to the City involved in this contract,” O’Brien said. “We have to wonder, what is it that the Zoo doesn’t want us to discover?” READ MORE


DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 1: The Denver Zoo has collection containers all throughout the park for it's Waste-to-Energy program.  "Billy" an Asian elephant was photographed on Tuesday September 1, 2015 in his enclosure with some dung. They will convert all the animal waste and trash from visitors into pellets that can be converted into energy through biomass gasification technology. (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post )

Today I sent a letter to Mayor Hancock giving notice that the Denver Zoo is in breach of its agreement with the City & County of Denver. Since November, my office has been trying unsuccessfully to audit the Zoo. The “Cooperative Agreement” negotiated between the City and the Denver Zoological Foundation (Zoo) gives the City Auditor authority to perform audits of the Zoo. We have been unable to gain even the initial information we need to determine the scope of the audit. READ MORE

From The Washington Post Profile March 31, 2016


Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) held its Annual Delegate Meeting March 12, and the biggest surprise during the boisterous and contentious meeting was the election of J.J. Neimann as president of the organization over incumbent Larry Ambrose. With seven abstentions, the 94 delegates in attendance voted Niemann in 45 to 42. A call to certify the vote resulted in a recount and open comment period which the INC Board of Directors will consider approving on April 5 READ MORE

Minutes of INC Zoning and Planning Committee February 27, 2016 meeting


The City wants to pause and slow down the growth of marijuana businesses. The City Council adopted a moratorium in November 2015 that runs from January 1 to May 1, 2016. The City is considering caps on marijuana businesses. Some people argue the City should let the free market work out solutions; others contend that excess marijuana supply in Denver is being diverted to a black market. READ MORE