CDOT delays northeast Denver I-70 expansion project by a few months


Until now, the impact-statement drafts have cited modeling from the Denver Regional Council of Governments that goes through 2035, but White said DRCOG recently updated its models through 2040. The Clean Air Act requires federal environmental impact documents to include data from the peak year of expected air emissions in the project area; given metro Denver’s growth, White said, 2040 will have worse emissions than 2035.

That projection hits on a key point of controversy over the project. The Sierra Club and community groups in March filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency, challenging recently changed federal air quality standards that allow for the I-70 project.

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Environmental Learning for Kids Awarded Great Urban Parks Campaign Grant

Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) is a Denver-based, 501(c)3 organization established in 1996 to address the growing need to introduce and educate Colorado’s urban youth about science, leadership, and careers.

Nineteen years later, ELK continues to provide strong educational support, good role models, and opportunities for positive community action for youth, helping them to become engaged, productive, and successful members of society. For more information about ELK please visit

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Presidents Message August 2016


Hello my fellow neighborhood and civic leaders. I hope you have been enjoying a beautiful Denver summer. When I think of what makes Registered Neighborhood Organizations so important for Denver, I think of all the ways that RNOs create community and how what makes Denver great is rooted in the diverse communities that exist within it. RNOs are filled with active citizens who care about the people they live with and about the quality of life that exists for themselves and their neighbors.

One way RNOs create community is by organizing and presenting events all over the city. In the summer these events are usually outdoors and well attended by the neighbors who live around them. We have fairs and festivals like the People’s Fair, the Harvey Park Festival, and the Mayfair Dog Days.

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Citizens’ Planning Academy returns for fall 2016


The academy will be held three weeknights this fall, September 29, October 13 and October 27. RNO and INC members should apply to be selected for the Academy. Thirty Denver residents will be selected. Fifteen of the applicants will be selected from the RNO and INC members who apply. To apply or for additional information, visit The application deadline is August 19.

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Audit Report Of Department of Parks and Rec Contract Practices


As described in the attached report, our audit revealed that DPR needs to improve contract
administration practices. Specifically, DPR does not have formalized and up-to-date policies and procedures and roles and responsibilities are unclear. DPR also lacks controls to ensure reliability and accuracy of information entered into the contract administration system. In addition, controls related to on-call contracts need to be enhanced and DPR is also at risk of losing institutional knowledge at the management level owing to a lack of segregation of duties and documentation surrounding contract decision making. Contract administration weaknesses identified negatively impact DPR’s ability to properly manage contracts.
Through stronger controls for contract administration and addressing concerns regardin

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Denver INC Executive Meeting Minutes July 11, 2016


Budget: Over budget for materials but the budget was small to begin with. Over budget for awards dinner. Delegates meetings have used budget for food and coffee. Education, Safety, and misc. money has not been touched. $600 in unknown expenses – $1,500 budgeted. $12,000 budgeted for year, a little over $8,000 used. Income for the year projected at $12,000. Actual = $13,400. YTD – net $5,000, should play out to a $1,300 net by the end of the year.

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Executive Committee Meeting June 20, 2016

Articles of Incorporation: A motion to approve the amended Articles of Incorporation at the May Delegate meeting was tabled because of a concern about a liability clause. Margie stated she is prepared to defend the language of the affected clause. John moved that we keep the proposed language and return the issue to the delegation for approval.

Denveright just released their list of task force membership. Joel – once marketing starts we need to work to get the message out regarding public meetings and to push the city to get schedules out early.

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Denver INC Delegate Meeting Minutes June 11, 2016


INC Charity Focus: This month’s charity drive is for the Gathering Place. Steve Heartbauer spoke on behalf of the organization. Location: E Colfax Ave and High St. Serve women, children, and transgender people experiencing homelessness. Only 3% of money comes from government – all else is donations. Dedicated to diversity. Services: 3 meals/day, showers, laundry, hygiene products, napping room, phones, mail services, lockers, food, referrals and support services, job search, GED preparation, counseling, AA meetings, attorneys, and art programs. Selling greeting cards for $2.00, where $1.50 goes to the card creator. Donations are being taken at the back of the room.

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The district, if adopted by City Council, would apply to the approximate area in southeast Denver bounded by South Dahlia Street, East Louisiana Avenue, South Filbert Way and East Florida Avenue. The purpose of the district is to conserve the Eichler style of California contemporary home built by H. B. Wolff in the area in the 1950s. Several neighbors, with support from Historic Denver, Inc. and Councilman Kashmann worked very hard to research the history and architecture of the area and generated signatures of support from approximately 90% of the property owners. Kate Adams and Karen Flanagan described their efforts to the committee. The City Council hearing will probably be held in late November.

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Ruby Hill Bike Park Opens


The Ruby Hill Bike Park is a regional amenity located within the City and County of Denver along the South Platte River. The park’s natural topography with more than fifty feet of elevation difference between the top and bottom of the bike park provide a great riding experience as well as views of the city skyline. The bike park will provide a family-friendly environment where riders of all skill levels can come and practice biking skills. The bike park is designed with a series of trails and features of varying size and difficulty that allow novice to experienced riders to develop skills and confidence as they progress through the unique challenges of each of the trails and features. The following features are incorporated into the bike park:

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Is Rezoning In Denver Corrupt? Read And Learn


By Former City Council Woman District 10 Cathy Donahue

The three newcomers did not come from the ranks of “party” politics or any other of the usual paths into elective office. We were “unknown” to the Denver political establishment and we did not receive the normal campaign contributions from Denver’s development community. The entire cost of my 1975 election was $3,000. My opponent spent $4,000 — quite a change from today’s campaigns where office seekers spend $100,000 to be elected to the Denver City Council

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