Presidents Message June 2016


Hello again my fellow neighborhood and city leaders, here we are in Denver 2016; I hope it’s going well for you and your communities as we begin the summer. As we take some time, during the Memorial Day weekend, to celebrate the sacrifices and mourn the ultimate sacrifices that our forbearers made to sustain our country, I am writing to tell you that the need for active citizens who are willing to give of themselves to better our city and our nation is as relevant today as it has ever been in our fair city. READ MORE



Chair Margie Valdez convened the meeting of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee and introduced City team leaders of the large citywide planning efforts just beginning: 1) Caryn Champine and David Gaspers of the Community Planning and Development Department working on the update of the 2002 Blueprint Denver Plan; 2) Courtney Levenson and Dody Erickson of Parks and Recreation working on an update of the 2003 Game Plan and Emily Snyder and Cristina Evanoff of the Public Works Department working on an update of the 2011 Denver Moves Plan and a new Denver Transit Plan. There will be citizen task forces for each of the plans and collaboration among all city departments. The goal is to develop a 20-year vision for Denver’s land use, transportation and parks in order to get ahead of Denver’s fast pace and pains of growth. READ MORE

Who wins? Who loses? Platte To Park Hill Stormwater Drainage Project


By Kimberly Morse
City Council is preparing to vote on an ordinance that will amend Denver’s Revised Municipal Code regarding charges for sanitary sewage and stormwater drainage. If this amendment is approved all Denver wastewater rate payers will be on the hook for rate increases that will double year over year for the foreseeable future. The rate increase would take effect July 1. READ MORE

INC Executive Meeting Minutes May 9, 2016


2016 INC Survey – SurveyMonkey is being used to solicit questions. Jane and Ian have volunteered to create the survey. Open-ended questions strongly suggested. Rank ordered questions also suggested for year-over-year analysis. Ian will create an action plan for the survey, including member and non-member organizations.

Content for the newsletter – give to Maggie for online and newsletter content. Suggestion to create an online place for RNO presidents to work together and gain information from each other for both members and non-members of INC. READ MORE

INC Delegate Meeting Minutes May 14, 2016


May 19, Mayor Hancock will announce who is going to assist in writing the new plans above. INC and our communities will have a big impact on how this happens over the next 18 months. ZAP meeting on May 21 to discuss what this will look like.

INC Committee Reports:

INC sponsors food bank at SWIC. Jane Lorimer and Joanne Kuemmerlin are heading up the charitable arm of the INC. Will collect toiletries at the June Delegate meeting to assist women. READ MORE

INC PARC NOTES for MAY 17 2016 meeting


They (Parks and Recs) are under time constraints to have all complete by August, DPR needs public input. Park facility-rentals for 2017 are granted beginning October ’16. PARC input included using 2016 rules in 2017 to provide time to get this completed properly. Because Denver’s population is growing much faster than its ability to open new parks to accommodate so many people, there are more requests for park use than can be filled, which must be explained to the public. READ MORE

Urban Flood Control District Report regarding danger of Cherry Creek


Dear Friends of Denver Parks,

Attached is the 2016 report of Paul Hindman, Executive Director of Denver Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, regarding the possibility of Cherry Creek Flooding and/or the dam failing in the event of a severe thunderstorm. READ MORE

Supreme Court denies Friends Of Denver Parks Petition for Review


Although the city and DPS prevailed in the lawsuit, Mother Nature someday may have the last word. Cherry Creek Dam is a 141 foot high earth dam designed to collect water from the Cherry Creek basin and prevent downstream flooding. The dam retains water in the reservoir; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers releases water downstream into Cherry Creek through three tubes at the base of the dam. In the event of a severe thunderstorm, the Corps must release enough water through the discharge tubes to prevent the reservoir water level from rising too fast. If the reservoir water level rises so fast that water overtops the dam, the water will wash away the dirt on the back side of the dam, and the dam will undergo catastrophic failure. READ MORE

Mayor Hancock Appoints Anna Jones To Coordinate North Denver Projects


When Jones starts May 23, she and her deputy directors — longtime deputy Todd Wenskoski and Christopher Pacheco, who is leaving his position as a public works senior engineer and project manager — face plenty of challenges. Among them is continued skepticism from some residents of those areas that the city can balance developer and neighborhood interests. Many also strongly oppose the state’s I-70 project, which the Hancock administration has supported. READ MORE

Washington Park News Focuses On JJ Niemann


Last month, in what turned out to be a close and contentious election, Denver’s Inter-neighborhood Cooperation (INC) elected Denver native J.J. Niemann as president. Niemann steps in after Larry Ambrose’s tenure, and in an April 18 conversation, Niemann gave The Profile a sense of who he is and where it is he sees INC heading.

From the INC website: INC “is a voluntary, non-profit coalition of representatives from Denver’s registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs), city agencies and others that gather to promote responsible city change and growth.”
What follows is a Q&A between this writer and Niemann on topics ranging from his immediate plans for the organization to his working style to where he sees INC in the future.
HE: Now that the election results have been finalized, what is your first order of business? READ MORE

INC’s Charitable Works


In the past, INC supported the Dollar Dictionary Program which ended in 2015 with the advent of technology in schools. INC feels that partnering with neighborhoods in Denver is important not only related to advocacy issues but also related to community giving. The primary goal is to create a program grounded in Community Charitable Works which is neighborhood-based and which can be responsive to the wide range of needs and concerns of Denver’s many diverse neighborhoods.
The following plan will be executed during 2016. READ MORE

INC Transportation Meeting Thursday May 12 2016


We hope your neighborhood can send a representative to the committee as we discuss a range of transportation, transit, and streets topics, build connections with the agencies and organizations involved, and ensure that neighborhood input is included in plans at all levels! Attendees do not need to be INC delegates — all are welcome. Even if your neighborhood organization is not a member of INC, you are welcome to participate. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested in joining the committee — write to to be added to our growing e-mail list! READ MORE