It’s that time of year once again when all registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs) must renew their registration with the city! Renewal can be done online from now until Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Visit www.DenverGov.org/RNO (or follow the link below) and click “Renew Now” on the right side of the page.
The renewal process is required by city ordinance and offers an opportunity to update your group’s contact information and ensure that you receive timely communications from the city regarding projects in your neighborhood. Any organizations that do not renew their registration by January 31, 2017 will be removed from the city’s list

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March Annual Meeting and Election


The March meeting of Delegates is scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2017. At this meeting, we will hold elections for the open positions for the INC Board of Directors. Positions for Vice-President, Treasurer and Delegate-at-Large will be open.

Only a Delegate from a member RNO shall be eligible to serve as a member of the board. Please see our bylaws for other information (www.denverinc.org/inc-bylaws/). If you are interested in becoming an INC Board member, please contact president@denverinc.org or call JJ Niemann at 303.887.2233

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Message From The President Dec 2017


The holidays are a time for giving and a time for sharing. They are such an important time for Denver registered neighborhood organizations because they help us solidify our bonds of friendship and keep us going in these cold, dark months. The potlucks we organize and the people we share the season with are those who will sustain us and help us the rest of the year. I hope your holidays were warm and well-attended.

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Oct 2016 Delegate Meeting Minutes


October Delegate Meeting was held in SW Denver and welcomed a new member to our INC board of directors.
Brett Crimmel – Lead Pastor of Forefront Church (video)
Cathy Heikkinen, President, Harvey Park Improvement Association
Councilman Kevin Flynn, Denver City Council District 2
Meeting minutes for September 10, 2016, delegate meeting: Approved: 20 yes, 1 abstain.
Tom Mobley, President of Harkness Heights, nominated to fill one of the vacant Board of Director positions replacing Luchia Brown who resigned earlier in 2016.

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Nov 2016 INC Delegate Meeting Minutes


Our November Delegate Meeting was held at the Rita Bass Center and featured a change to our INC By-laws and a panel discussion about interacting with homeless neighbors.
The meeting was hosted by Denver Health at Rita Bass Trauma Center Auditorium. Elbra Wedgeworth, Chief Government and Community Relations Officer and former City Council President 6000 employees get trained as paramedics, EMT, and young people can join earlier to build the pipeline of trained EMT. Scholarship program for youth.

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AUDIT REPORT Citywide Personally Identifiable Information December 2016


Our audit revealed that the City does not have a comprehensive City wide strategy for safeguarding PII that is gathered by several City agencies. We found evidence of unsecured network folders and hard copy records containing thousands of pieces of PII. We believe that this breakdown in internal controls occurred due to outdated policies and inconsistent practices for safeguarding PII. Through stronger policies, guidance, communication,and training,the City will have the necessary controls in place to safeguard PII, thereby preventing opportunities for identity theft and reducing the City’s exposure to reputational damage or costly litigation

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City Kicks Off Neighborhood Planning Initiative


If you attended our Denver INC Zoning & Planning Committee in October then you know that the city is planning on creating new Neighborhood Plans for the entire city over the next 8 – 10 years.

There are also multiple articles written, in our local newspapers, about the initiative. Take a minute to review the slide show presented by Alex Forrester

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New Shelter At East 48th Avenue


Dear Neighbor:

The City & County of Denver is in the process of purchasing the property at 4330 E 48th Avenue. One of the proposed uses for the building is an overnight shelter for homeless men and women. This shelter would replace an existing shelter in Northeast Denver scheduled to close in the next few months.

We anticipate this new shelter at East 48th Avenue could open in the early portion of 2017. In the short term, it would serve as an overflow facility, accommodating situations when other shelters reach capacity. Clients would receive transportation to and from the shelter between 7 and 10 p.m.

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Feds launch civil rights investigation into I-70 expansion project through Denver


Earthjustice’s civil rights complaint says the working-class neighborhood has coped for 50 years with the freeway’s original construction. Now it would bear the brunt of new negative effects on residents’ health, quality of life and economic well-being, since dozens would have to relocate. The complaint says the disproportionate impact would violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because CDOT likely will receive federal funding for the project.

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Parks and Recreation Completes Additional Park Designations

A view of Hentzell Park along the Cherry Creek bike path 2013

The department began the designation process in the spring of 2013 in an effort to ensure that the City’s parkland is protected from future development and real estate transactions. Through this process, Denver Parks and Recreation is taking steps to officially designate all applicable park land and open space around the city through city ordinance. Once a park has been dedicated, it can only be used as a park and that cannot be changed without approval by Denver’s voters.

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Chair Margie Valdez convened the meeting of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee and introduced City Council President Albus Brooks and Jeff Hirt and Sarah Showalter from the Denver Community Planning and Development Department to discuss a potential language amendment to the Zoning Code to address parking exemptions for small lots (6250 square feet or less, typically 50’ by 125’ lots). Since 2010 in the current code (Section 10.4.5(A)), small lots in all Mixed Use Commercial Districts have no off-street parking requirement. After a great deal of controversy concerning proposed developments in Curtis Park and on Humboldt Street at East 16th Avenue, City Council passed a moratorium on such new developments (not counting 11 projects “in the pipeline”) and Councilman Brooks appointed a 15-person task force to consider possible changes

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Globeville Landing Park Update


To: “Proud, Christopher N. – CPD North Denver Comerstone”
Cc: ,albus.brooks@denvergov.org, jennifer.hillhouse@denvergov.org, , “Wenskoski, Todd T – CPD Planning Services”
, cincere.eades@denvergov.org, “Leid, Kelly R – Mayor’s Office”
, bret.banwart@denver.gov, Debbie Ortega – At Large
Bcc: Mickey Zeppelin
Chris – thanks for the conversation and quick hierarchy project leadership. l am emailing on behalf of the Globeville Civic Partners and representative of Globeville community.

As stated in previous correspondence, we are concerned about the proposed transformation of Globeville Landing Park from its existing conditions to a major detention and conveyance area without full discussion with the community.

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