INC PARC Notes September 19 2017

A developer wants the city to trade a parcel of land on the east side of Fairfax that had been touted as a future pocket park by DPR (this land appears on several lists of property owned by DPR; for a similar size parcel in the middle of the developer’s project across the street on the west side of Fairfax. It is unclear whether the developer would allow designation of the proposed land or whether DPR would maintain the “plaza” between two proposed restaurants as a true park. It has been acknowledged that should the developer acquire the parcel on the east, it would serve for future development. The neighbors object to this swap and want to retain the original parcel of land for a small community park as described by Executive Director Scott Gilmore in previous meetings with the RNO

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Parks Could Do More To Improve Customer Satisfaction

In examining the efficiency and effectiveness of DPR’s permitting process, the audit team assessed the extent to which DPR’s permitting procedures align with applicable legal requirements, leading management practices, and professional standards. “We also looked at whether DPR’s fees offset the cost of providing permits and maintaining the facilities. This is an area appropriately governed by policy,” explained Audit Supervisor LaKeshia Allen Horner. “DPR’s philosophy recognizes that the more the community benefits from a program or service, the more justification there is for taxpayers funding a portion of it.”

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Denver park permits should focus more on customer satisfaction, auditor says

From the Denverite, a new report on the Audit of Denver Parks and Recs
“Additionally, DPR should be evaluating its fees more often to see if they are adequately offsetting the cost of maintaining the park, the audit said.”
DPR says that they already have a system for customer satisfaction for the major permits, but plan to expand the system to all permit types by the end of the year.

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Contract Compliance at Red Rocks

Our audit did, however, identify several areas for improvement regarding internal controls surrounding event user agreements. Specifically, we noted that management is not always ensuring that all contracts are executed before the events take place. Second, we found that not all invoiced amounts are being properly supported with authorizing documentation. Third, the exclusive ticketing agent has not provided assurance that its system provides reliable ticket sales information. Fourth, Denver Arts & Venues is not using electronic funds transfer for venue use payments. Finally, Denver Arts & Venues personnel are not documenting management decisions when interest penalties are waived.

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Denver Zoo Agrees To Improve Compliance and Governance in Response to Audit

Auditors also found that the Zoo’s Board of Trustees did not adhere to relevant best practices. Board members are not consistently attending meetings as required by the Foundation’s bylaws, and there was no formal training program for new Board members, among other areas in need of improvement. The lack of a consistent onboarding process left some Board members unaware of the roles and authority of the Board. Improvements recommended by the auditors were creating a Board charter, implementing non-voting status for the CEO, involving the entire Board in evaluating the CEO, and placing the Executive Director of Parks and Recreation on the Zoo’s Executive Committee.

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Auditors Report Of The Denver Zoo Jan 19 2017

As described in the attached report, our audit revealed that the City and the Foundation have not adequately monitored and maintained their compliance with certain sections of the Agreement relating to financial arrangements. In addition, the audit found that the Foundation should improve its governance by updating internal policies and guidance for the Board of Trustees (Board).

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AUDIT REPORT Citywide Personally Identifiable Information December 2016

Our audit revealed that the City does not have a comprehensive City wide strategy for safeguarding PII that is gathered by several City agencies. We found evidence of unsecured network folders and hard copy records containing thousands of pieces of PII. We believe that this breakdown in internal controls occurred due to outdated policies and inconsistent practices for safeguarding PII. Through stronger policies, guidance, communication,and training,the City will have the necessary controls in place to safeguard PII, thereby preventing opportunities for identity theft and reducing the City’s exposure to reputational damage or costly litigation

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