Proposed Council Bill to Provide Waiting Periods For Applications

The language of Council Bill to amending the Denver Retail Marijuana Code and the Denver Medical Marijuana Code to provide waiting periods for application for certain licensing actions at or near a location where a previous application has been denied or withdrawn.

Full Text Here: CB 2017-523
Key Messages regarding Council Bill 523: Notes from the office of Councilman Kevin Flynn

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Denver Council president seeks to curtail colleagues’ rambling

As Brooks tells it, an analysis of last year’s meetings shows that some members have spoken for nearly an hour on single ordinances. He refuses to release that data because, he says, “I don’t want to embarrass certain council members.”

Sources who’ve seen the analysis say that Espinoza and Councilwoman Debbie Ortega are listed as the biggest talkers on council. As it happens, both also have been the most outspoken critics of Hancock and his administration – especially his handling of the storm water project and his affordable housing plan, which both criticized as lacking ambition. Espinoza and Ortega also have blasted Hancock and his office for a general lack of transparency in city government.

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INC PARC Notes September 20, 2016

PARC discussed issues for DPR in updating the Game Plan as part of DenveRight, now being planned by the city. All are urged to attend the Community Visioning Workshops October 4 and 5 to voice comments, and take the survey at Cindy will pass along PARC comments which include:

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What is the difference between a required and courtesy hearing?

How do I sign up to speak?
Prior to the public hearings, council will take a recess. During the recess, council staff will distribute speaker cards at the speaker’s podium. Complete the card, including your address, and return it to council staff. You may not sign up for another person. No sign-ups will be accepted after council is back in session.

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