Oct 2016 Delegate Meeting Minutes


October Delegate Meeting was held in SW Denver and welcomed a new member to our INC board of directors.
Brett Crimmel – Lead Pastor of Forefront Church (video)
Cathy Heikkinen, President, Harvey Park Improvement Association
Councilman Kevin Flynn, Denver City Council District 2
Meeting minutes for September 10, 2016, delegate meeting: Approved: 20 yes, 1 abstain.
Tom Mobley, President of Harkness Heights, nominated to fill one of the vacant Board of Director positions replacing Luchia Brown who resigned earlier in 2016.

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Nov 2016 INC Delegate Meeting Minutes


Our November Delegate Meeting was held at the Rita Bass Center and featured a change to our INC By-laws and a panel discussion about interacting with homeless neighbors.
The meeting was hosted by Denver Health at Rita Bass Trauma Center Auditorium. Elbra Wedgeworth, Chief Government and Community Relations Officer and former City Council President 6000 employees get trained as paramedics, EMT, and young people can join earlier to build the pipeline of trained EMT. Scholarship program for youth.

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Neighbors Take on Micro-Apartments at 16th and Humboldt


In the 32 years he’s lived on Humboldt Street, David Engelken has seen many changes in his neighborhood. He remembers the early ’90s, when prostitutes and drug dealers occupied the brownstones across the street from his house. A decade later, he helped secure the area’s historic designation.

Now Engelken, the vice president of the Humboldt Street Neighborhood Association, and some of his neighbors are taking up a new fight — Engelken’s hardest in the name of the neighborhood yet, he says.

In August, Denver City Council approved a seven-month moratorium on the city’s small-lot parking exemption. The exemption allowed development projects on lots smaller than 6,250 square feet in mixed-use zoning districts to forgo parking in their design. Enacted in 2006, the exemption applied exclusively to the East Colfax Avenue business corridor, to encourage redevelopment on “challenging small lots” in the area, says Andrea Burns, spokeswoman for the city’s Community Planning and Development Department.

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Denver INC Delegate Meeting Minutes Sept 10, 2016


CM Paul Kashmann: Welcomed everyone to City Council District 6. Spoke briefly about the “garden court” and small lot multi-unit housing moratoriums. CPD is discussing changes to small area plans for the 78 statistical neighborhoods in Denver. Stated: 44% of the city does not have a small area plan at all. Considering grouping neighborhoods into 19 “pods”, beefing up staff and shortening the planning process. Sidewalk working group: Current process is not cost effective for homeowners and not efficient for the city. Considering several options to come up with money for several hundred miles of sidewalk in the city. Email Paul.Kashmann@denvergov.org with any ideas you have for budgeting and financing capital projects.

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Denver INC Delegate Meeting Minutes Aug 13, 2016


Councilman Albus Brooks from City Council District 9 and Denver City Council President discussed plans to make sure City Council is inclusive, and attacks are on the issues, not the people. Three big issues coming to City Council this month:

Garden Court moratorium presentation – Style that doesn’t front the street (front each other) – hopes to create more main street frontage with the moratorium.
6,250 small parking lot moratorium – No parking required for lots smaller than 6,250 sf lots.
Affordable housing bill – $1.50 sf for every property built and half mill to every property owner every year to create a $150 million affordable housing fund. Hopes to create 6,000 affordable housing units in the next 5 year

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Denver INC Delegate Meeting Minutes June 11, 2016


INC Charity Focus: This month’s charity drive is for the Gathering Place. Steve Heartbauer spoke on behalf of the organization. Location: E Colfax Ave and High St. Serve women, children, and transgender people experiencing homelessness. Only 3% of money comes from government – all else is donations. Dedicated to diversity. Services: 3 meals/day, showers, laundry, hygiene products, napping room, phones, mail services, lockers, food, referrals and support services, job search, GED preparation, counseling, AA meetings, attorneys, and art programs. Selling greeting cards for $2.00, where $1.50 goes to the card creator. Donations are being taken at the back of the room.

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INC Delegate Meeting Minutes July 9, 2016


Presentation on Affordable Housing Fund proposal: Evan Dreyer
Proposal will be presented to Safety & Wellbeing City Council meeting on 7/13/16.
Need for more affordable housing
Rents have increased 30-35% since 2010
87,000 households 0-80% AMI are housing cost-burdened (paying more than 30% of their income on housing and utilities)
Increased gentrification and concentration of poverty

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INC Delegate Meeting Minutes May 14, 2016


May 19, Mayor Hancock will announce who is going to assist in writing the new plans above. INC and our communities will have a big impact on how this happens over the next 18 months. ZAP meeting on May 21 to discuss what this will look like.

INC Committee Reports:

INC sponsors food bank at SWIC. Jane Lorimer and Joanne Kuemmerlin are heading up the charitable arm of the INC. Will collect toiletries at the June Delegate meeting to assist women.

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INC Delegate Meeting, April 9th 2016


JJ reports that INC has strong membership for 2016. He wants INC to follow established decision-making processes and wants to empower other RNOs and teach them about city issues. Would also like to increase lines of communication between/with RNOs and with the city.
Review of the Board of Directors
JJ reviewed unfilled positions and nominated Lucia for At-Large, approved by delegation
Also called for volunteers for communications, budget, and membership chairs
Reiterated that any RNO member may join a committee, as well
JJ would like to provide a directory of members to the membership for the purposes of helping RNOs learn from each other and join forces when appropriate READ MORE

INC Annual Election March 12 2016 Summary Minutes


On March 12, 2016 INC held its annual election. This time candidates were President, Secretary and 3 at large delegates. At this meeting JJ Neimann was elected as President, Election of Secretary -John Riecke runs unopposed, Steve Nissen, Bonita Lahey, Ian Hardwick elected as delegates at larg

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INC Delegate Meeting Minutes Feb 13 2016


Topic: By-laws Interpretation regarding terms of office
Larry Ambrose started the discussion by stating the issue that was brought to the delegation from the Board of Directors. The Board discussed in its recent meeting, the interpretation of the bylaws changes adopted in early 2014 pertaining to a revised term length from one year to two years, revised number of terms that could be served (from two to three) and the beginning of staggered terms. The bylaws adopted included an amendment which is now unclear to some about what was meant by what was eventually codified in the bylaws. The bylaws were presented and the changes that occurred in 2014 were displayed.

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INC Delegate Meeting January 9, 2016


INC Delegate Meeting
Date: January 9th 2016 Location: Wings over the Rockies (Lowery United RNO)
Meeting called to order at 9:11am – Attendance 46 delegates
Intro by Sally Kurtzman & Chris O’Conner. (Lowery RNO) – presentation given*
Treasurer’s Report – See separate report
Discussion of the By-law Amendment
The current membership design is annual with a 3 month grace period (Jan – Mar) and pro-rated after that quarterly. READ MORE