Resolution: draft Recycled Water Effect on Trees in Denver Parks

 To be presented at Oct 10, Delegate Meeting WHEREAS Denver’s trees form an integral part of its neighborhoods and especially its parks, and are worth many millions of dollars because of their aesthetic value, pollution-reduction, storm water mitigation, wildlife sheltering, climate tempering and other benefits; WHEREAS recycled irrigation water furnished … READ MORE

INC Delegate Meeting Minutes- August 8, 2015

INC Delegate Meeting Minutes
Saturday August 8, 2015
Location: Denver Health, Rita Bass Trauma Center
(Denver Health is an INC Patron Silver member). Thanks to Olga Garcia for making these arrangements.

Quorum of voting delegates present = 26
Elbra Wedgeworth – Chief Government & Community Relations Officer, Denver Health
welcomed meeting attendees and updated INC on Denver Health activities. READ MORE

INC Transportation Platform To Be Voted On At Delegate Meeting Sept 12 2015

The INC Transportation Committee unanimously recommends the attached INC Transportation Platform to the Delegation for adoption, following a six-month development process, a detailed review by the full committee, and review and comment by the INC Executive Committee. READ MORE

Motion voted on at the ZAP meeting on August 22, 2015

Neighborhood representatives recently became aware of an action by the Department of Excise and Licenses that deeply disappointed us and threatens to undermine the collaboration that neighborhood representatives thought we had developed with Excise and Licenses during the last 8 years. This motion will be brought to the Delegation at the September 12 meeting. READ MORE

INC Delegate Meeting Minutes- July 11, 2015

The FD has also created rapid deploy teams to fight wildfires, using a self-sustainable business model. Without subsidy from tax payers, Denver’s FD can now dispatch expertly trained teams to wildfires across Colorado and to help other states. An excellent example of the success of this rapid deployment team strategy was the Black Forest/Waldo Canyon Fire. Denver’s FD had the teams ready to go. This has really helped relationships around the state through building partnerships and sharing resources. While saving money, it is creating a lot of good will for the city and county of Denver. READ MORE