INC Executive Committee Meeting Notes October 10, 2016

Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Executive Committee Meeting Daniels Building 101 Monroe St. October 10th, 2016 Attending: Board: John Riecke, Drew Dutcher, Steve Nissen, Tom Mobley Exec. Committee: Johan Barrios, Jane Lorimer, Maggie Price, Margie Valdez 2017 Dinner Chair: Jane Potts NOTE: a … READ MORE

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Denver INC Executive Meeting Minutes September 12, 2016

Election Forum: Working with League of Women Voters to provide election forum. Will happen at Denver Channel 8 studio at the City Council Building. Requesting $500 this year ($250 last year plus administrative costs/secretarial of $286). INC to consider contribution of “not more than” $500 – need to clarify wording. Should be we a donor or a sponsor this year?

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Denver INC Executive Meeting Minutes Aug 8, 2016

Audit Report: Reviewed bookkeeping procedures and how money was spent. Books all in good standing. Misc. budget has been significantly overdrawn for several years, so we need to look at increasing it. Could use line items to resolve this. Bibi and John need to coordinate to make sure items are correctly categorized. General supplies should also be adjusted up. Annual audits should be completed during the first quarter, not the third. Bibi does a good job of tracking uncashed checks that take a while to clear

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Denver INC Executive Meeting Minutes July 11, 2016

Budget: Over budget for materials but the budget was small to begin with. Over budget for awards dinner. Delegates meetings have used budget for food and coffee. Education, Safety, and misc. money has not been touched. $600 in unknown expenses – $1,500 budgeted. $12,000 budgeted for year, a little over $8,000 used. Income for the year projected at $12,000. Actual = $13,400. YTD – net $5,000, should play out to a $1,300 net by the end of the year.

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Executive Committee Meeting June 20, 2016

Articles of Incorporation: A motion to approve the amended Articles of Incorporation at the May Delegate meeting was tabled because of a concern about a liability clause. Margie stated she is prepared to defend the language of the affected clause. John moved that we keep the proposed language and return the issue to the delegation for approval.

Denveright just released their list of task force membership. Joel – once marketing starts we need to work to get the message out regarding public meetings and to push the city to get schedules out early.

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INC Executive Meeting Minutes May 9, 2016

2016 INC Survey – SurveyMonkey is being used to solicit questions. Jane and Ian have volunteered to create the survey. Open-ended questions strongly suggested. Rank ordered questions also suggested for year-over-year analysis. Ian will create an action plan for the survey, including member and non-member organizations.

Content for the newsletter – give to Maggie for online and newsletter content. Suggestion to create an online place for RNO presidents to work together and gain information from each other for both members and non-members of INC.

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INC EC Meeting Minutes April 11 2016

-Margie Valdez gave a personal report to the committee regarding the INC special committee on I-70 that was presented at the previous delegate meeting. Would like to see motions would come through pre-existing committees to delegates.

-JJ Niemann feels that the I-70 motion being referenced is a way to not overload the committees. This was an exception, not a precedent.

-Margie Valdez – usually we publish motions prior to the meeting so that people can review

-Luchia notes that the project hits so many committees that it would be unworkable

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