INC Delegate Meeting Minutes February 11, 2017

JJ Niemann, INC President, welcomed all and thanked Brookdale for hosting and providing food and beverages

Barbara Aragon from Brookdale facility welcomed INC and advised tours were available to any who had interest.

Councilman Paul Kashman, District 6 gave an overview about the international diversity within his district the University Park area. He told us South High School represents students from 70 countries and has an immigration-welcome attitude and focus.

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Apartments without any parking still a concern in Denver

“The projects that really started the moratorium in effect could in fact happen anywhere in Denver,” said Bill Vanderlan, President of the Humboldt Street Neighborhood Association.

A moratorium on the development of small lots with no parking remains in place until the end of March. In the meantime, an amendment is moving through city channels, and residents don’t like what they’re hearing.

The new wording doesn’t stop things like that from going ahead, it just legitimizes it,” said Jodie Brownlee, a resident in City Park West.

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Proposed By-Law Change November 12, 2016

This bylaw change will be presented to the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Delegate Meeting

Proposed INC bylaw change:

Several years ago, INC instituted two-year terms of office for board members with a three-term limit. The purpose of the proposed change is to roll back the consecutive term limits to two consecutive terms to promote fresh voices and prevent staleness in the organization. We are also removing unnecessary wording in one section.

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League of Women Voters Denver Opposes Initiated Ordinance 300

“Oppose: League of Women Voters of Denver based its opposition to Initiative 300 on our position on Citizen Participation in Government, which advocates for increased opportunities for citizen input into governmental process.”


This ordinance does not include public hearings before a permit is issued or a process for citizens to oppose a permit. Good government process demands input from all interested citizens for good representative results.

The initiative requires approval from only one neighborhood group or business improvement district to issue the permit and does not require prior public posting of a potential permit. Again, this ordinance limits the ability of all citizens to weigh in on the permits.

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Denver INC Delegate Meeting Minutes Sept 10, 2016

CM Paul Kashmann: Welcomed everyone to City Council District 6. Spoke briefly about the “garden court” and small lot multi-unit housing moratoriums. CPD is discussing changes to small area plans for the 78 statistical neighborhoods in Denver. Stated: 44% of the city does not have a small area plan at all. Considering grouping neighborhoods into 19 “pods”, beefing up staff and shortening the planning process. Sidewalk working group: Current process is not cost effective for homeowners and not efficient for the city. Considering several options to come up with money for several hundred miles of sidewalk in the city. Email with any ideas you have for budgeting and financing capital projects.

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Denver INC Delegate Meeting Minutes Aug 13, 2016

Councilman Albus Brooks from City Council District 9 and Denver City Council President discussed plans to make sure City Council is inclusive, and attacks are on the issues, not the people. Three big issues coming to City Council this month:

Garden Court moratorium presentation – Style that doesn’t front the street (front each other) – hopes to create more main street frontage with the moratorium.
6,250 small parking lot moratorium – No parking required for lots smaller than 6,250 sf lots.
Affordable housing bill – $1.50 sf for every property built and half mill to every property owner every year to create a $150 million affordable housing fund. Hopes to create 6,000 affordable housing units in the next 5 year

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Denver INC Delegate Meeting Minutes June 11, 2016

INC Charity Focus: This month’s charity drive is for the Gathering Place. Steve Heartbauer spoke on behalf of the organization. Location: E Colfax Ave and High St. Serve women, children, and transgender people experiencing homelessness. Only 3% of money comes from government – all else is donations. Dedicated to diversity. Services: 3 meals/day, showers, laundry, hygiene products, napping room, phones, mail services, lockers, food, referrals and support services, job search, GED preparation, counseling, AA meetings, attorneys, and art programs. Selling greeting cards for $2.00, where $1.50 goes to the card creator. Donations are being taken at the back of the room.

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