A worried city trying to remember to be welcoming

From Vice President John Riecke

It’s important to remember that we’re not being invaded by outsiders trying to destroy our way of life, but instead being joined by new neighbors looking to make friends and live in the same great city we all do. Sure there’s some difficult change involved. Driving is a little bit less convenient. People live a little closer together. But the overall result is that Denver continues to be a vibrant city, continues to have a healthy economy, and everyone has that much more opportunity to make a new friend.

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From the Veeps Cubical – October

October has been a busy month for us at the INC. What I remember most are two gatherings. One at Prairie Park with the installation of a beautiful kiosk-sign which INC’s own Diana Helper has worked for decades to bring into being. She and John Helper with Eileen Abbattista have sung their way into our hearts with musical fund-raisers. UP’s Betsy Johnson Welty did the beautiful graphic design surrounding Diana’s text. Diana pointed out my photo on the east side of the sign. READ MORE

From the Veep’s Cubicle – October 2015

Participants were asked to list neighborhood amenities and favorite places, including restaurants and special venues. These “places of pride” were described by speakers from each of several break-out table groups. The concept behind this Academy is to seek an over-arching plan for all Denver. The methodology used for such a large scale effort, is to bring together participants from as many parts of the city as possible. Judging by the colored dots pasted by individuals upon the city map, the city was pretty evenly covered. READ MORE

From the Veep’s Cubicle…

Good Morning!

On August 8th the INC Delegation was hosted by Denver Health and Hospitals at the Rita Bass auditorium which is a personal favorite of mine. I like to imagine we are watching a medical operation in theatre…when I am not paying rapt attention to our own proceedings…we do have occasional lulls in the action…At the INC Zoning and Planning meeting of Saturday, August 22nd, our lead off guest and presenter was Brad Buchanan, now a year into his job as Denver’s Director of Community Planning and Development. READ MORE

From the Veep- Ah, Summertime!

July is zooming bye and I can’t catch my breath. Seriously, with busy bees “Redistributing” pollen all over Overland Park, my Allergy issues, tissues and tears are blurring my sight! I can barely make out the outlines of purplish Bee Balm plants in full bloom, outside our sunroom windows.
Or, could it be that streaked and blurry old window glass… unwashed as well… which makes seeing difficult? Ah, Summertime! READ MORE