Guest Post: An Office of Public Private Partnership Denver Doesn’t Need

In many ways P3s been around for a long time.

But in the last decade or so, they have become little more than the private sector using public infrastructure to maximize their profits – often times with the public taking the risks. Large scale projects often running into billions of dollars, P3s are common today, in Colorado, and throughout the country. Two of the most recent here in Colorado are the D.I.A-Ferrovial deal and the renovation of the Great Western Stock Show complex. There is also proposal to fund what could be a Denver 2026 Olympics bid with PPP to avoid state funding.


JJ Niemann, President, Resigns

JJ NIEMANN RESIGNATION – George Mayl, VP INC, Assumes Role of President

Via Email November 27, 2017 to the Executive Committee (excerpts from original letter)

It is with a heavy heart that I need to resign as president of the Denver INC.  I am thankful for having the opportunity to give so much of my life to INC over the last four years, but my life and the needs of my family have recently become too much for me to continue to give and lead in the way that INC needs our organizations’ president to lead. 


Great Denver Cleanup is Saturday, May 20th

The 2017 citywide Great Denver Cleanup is Saturday, May 20th, offering Denver residents free drop sites for household trash, large items, compostable yard waste, donatable household goods and scrap metal.
Spread the word NOW.
Schedule your block, neighborhood and yard cleanups for Saturday, May 20th.
Multiple collection sites will be located throughout the city. A final list of sites will be announced soon.


What improvements would you like to see in Denver?

Periodically, the City and County of Denver authorizes general obligation (GO) bonds to restore, replace, and expand existing capital assets across the city. The last General Obligation bond, known as the Better Denver Bond Program, was in 2007 and allowed Denver to improve, preserve, renovate and build new roads, libraries, parks, city offices, and other facilities related to health and human services, public safety and culture.


Washington Park News Focuses On JJ Niemann

Last month, in what turned out to be a close and contentious election, Denver’s Inter-neighborhood Cooperation (INC) elected Denver native J.J. Niemann as president. Niemann steps in after Larry Ambrose’s tenure, and in an April 18 conversation, Niemann gave The Profile a sense of who he is and where it is he sees INC heading.

From the INC website: INC “is a voluntary, non-profit coalition of representatives from Denver’s registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs), city agencies and others that gather to promote responsible city change and growth.”
What follows is a Q&A between this writer and Niemann on topics ranging from his immediate plans for the organization to his working style to where he sees INC in the future.
HE: Now that the election results have been finalized, what is your first order of business?


From The Washington Post Profile March 31, 2016

Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) held its Annual Delegate Meeting March 12, and the biggest surprise during the boisterous and contentious meeting was the election of J.J. Neimann as president of the organization over incumbent Larry Ambrose. With seven abstentions, the 94 delegates in attendance voted Niemann in 45 to 42. A call to certify the vote resulted in a recount and open comment period which the INC Board of Directors will consider approving on April 5


From the Veeps Cubical – October

October has been a busy month for us at the INC. What I remember most are two gatherings. One at Prairie Park with the installation of a beautiful kiosk-sign which INC’s own Diana Helper has worked for decades to bring into being. She and John Helper with Eileen Abbattista have sung their way into our hearts with musical fund-raisers. UP’s Betsy Johnson Welty did the beautiful graphic design surrounding Diana’s text. Diana pointed out my photo on the east side of the sign.