Three homeless defendants will take their camping tickets to trial in Denver this week

Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell said the city believes its ordinance is constitutional and is prepared to make that case.

“The objective of the parties is to strike down the ordinance,” Broadwell said. “They are putting the ordinance on trial, and whenever we adopt any controversial ordinance, we know that might happen. That’s why we have courts, and we respect that process. We’re always prepared to defend our right to have such an ordinance.”


New Shelter At East 48th Avenue

Dear Neighbor:

The City & County of Denver is in the process of purchasing the property at 4330 E 48th Avenue. One of the proposed uses for the building is an overnight shelter for homeless men and women. This shelter would replace an existing shelter in Northeast Denver scheduled to close in the next few months.

We anticipate this new shelter at East 48th Avenue could open in the early portion of 2017. In the short term, it would serve as an overflow facility, accommodating situations when other shelters reach capacity. Clients would receive transportation to and from the shelter between 7 and 10 p.m.



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Counter Point

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