New Shelter At East 48th Avenue

Dear Neighbor:

The City & County of Denver is in the process of purchasing the property at 4330 E 48th Avenue. One of the proposed uses for the building is an overnight shelter for homeless men and women. This shelter would replace an existing shelter in Northeast Denver scheduled to close in the next few months.

We anticipate this new shelter at East 48th Avenue could open in the early portion of 2017. In the short term, it would serve as an overflow facility, accommodating situations when other shelters reach capacity. Clients would receive transportation to and from the shelter between 7 and 10 p.m.

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This case is premised around the alleged construction of an “industrial-level stormwater management project in designated parkland,” specifically Denver’s City Park Golf Course (“CPGC”). Compl. ¶1. Macfarlane argues that such management project (the “Project”) is “designed specifically to protect a highly-controversial federal highway project and other new construction.”
Macfarlane asserts that the Project: 1) violates Denver’s zoning code; 2) violates Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation (“DPR”) charge of the Denver City Charter; 3) without popular vote, would violate usage restrictions; and 4) is contrary to caselaw interpreting similar dispositions of parkland.

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Writ of Certiorari Filed regarding Mt. Gilead/Crestmoor Park

This case presents several precedent-setting issues of state-wide importance about the integrity of the local land use planning and quasi-judicial rezoning process, which affect all local government officials and Colorado property owners in zoned communities.
Both the INC PARC and ZAP committees have been interested in this case and the outcome

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Former Colorado AG J.D. MacFarlane Sues City of Denver Regarding Placement of Stormwater Facility in City Park Golf Course

The suit alleges that the planned project—which will be funded by a large stormwater fee hike being considered by Denver City Council tonight—is designed to protect and shift the burden of paying for stormwater protection for I-70 and other public and private development from the builders onto Denver’s ratepayers. Mr. MacFarlane also alleges that the project’s use of designated parkland is not for park purposes and therefore contravenes the Denver City Charter, the Denver Zoning Code, and common law governing the municipal use of parkland.

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Who wins? Who loses? Platte To Park Hill Stormwater Drainage Project

By Kimberly Morse
City Council is preparing to vote on an ordinance that will amend Denver’s Revised Municipal Code regarding charges for sanitary sewage and stormwater drainage. If this amendment is approved all Denver wastewater rate payers will be on the hook for rate increases that will double year over year for the foreseeable future. The rate increase would take effect July 1.

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Residents upset over proposal to use City Park Golf Course for stormwater project

DENVER – City Park Golf Course is a Denver landmark but it could soon be used for a proposed flood control project.
Residents voiced their outrage and concern at a meeting organized by the City Park Friends and Neighbors Wednesday night.

“It’s always [been] heralded as a regional crown jewel of Denver,” said Bridget Walsh, with City Park Friends and Neighbors.
More than 70 people packed into the basement of the Park Hill Library to hear a presentation from the city and discuss the options. READ MORE

Letter From Cole Storm Water Working Group To Mayor Hancock

it has become more clear to us over the past weeks that Stormwater initiative is inextricably linked to myriad major redevelopment and infrastructure projects taking place under the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, namely the National Western Center and the Interstate 70 Reconstruction / Expansion projects. It is our belief that the Stormwater initiative in the Lower Montclair Basin needs to be taken back to the drawing board and redeveloped to eliminate the current environmental and community impacts that would be felt in either Alternative 1 (Open channel with detention in Cole neighborhood) or Alternative 2 (open channel with detention in City Park Golf Course). READ MORE