Denver Debates Hosting a Massive Coachella-Like Music Fest on Public Land

Concerns from the roughly forty people who attended the meeting included the impact that 50,000 people plus stages and trucks would have on the golf course; noise, trash and safety issues; the revenue the city would make off the project; and the use of public land for private gain. In response to the safety concerns, Ehrlich said that each festival-goer would be given a wristband with a chip that would allow organizers to track where crowds were gathering.

The Overland Golf Course is within eyeshot of a soon-to-open 7,500-seat amphitheater, run by Levitt Pavilion Denver, a nonprofit that champions local and independent musicians and offers free concerts. But AEG and Superfly haven’t approached Levitt, because the venue’s 7,500 seats wouldn’t be enough for the music festival, said Levitt executive director Chris Zacher after the meeting.

Zacher grumbled that AEG hadn’t shown interest in the Overland Park community or his music venue until the company could find a way to exploit it for profit. “AEG gave Levitt zero dollars” in the half a decade that the project has been raising money, he noted.

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Designated Parks

From: “Scott M. Gilmore – PR Parks and Planning – PP” <> To: “Timothy M. O’Brien – Auditor’s Office” <>, “Kathleen MacKenzie – Auditor’s Office” <> Cc: “Scott M. Gilmore – PR Parks and Planning – PP” <>, Sent: Monday, … READ MORE

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INC PARC Jan 2017 Notes

Attorney Aaron Goldhamer described J. D. MacFarlane’s lawsuit vs the Mayor, DPR, Public Works, and others regarding the plan to construct a drainage system in City Park Golf Course, closing the historic Course for 18-24 months, questioning whether such construction is a Park Purpose, the lack of needed public vote for construction in a park, the apparent tie-in to 1-70 below-grade plan for flood protection for I-70, Stock Show area.

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Parks and Recreation Completes Additional Park Designations

The department began the designation process in the spring of 2013 in an effort to ensure that the City’s parkland is protected from future development and real estate transactions. Through this process, Denver Parks and Recreation is taking steps to officially designate all applicable park land and open space around the city through city ordinance. Once a park has been dedicated, it can only be used as a park and that cannot be changed without approval by Denver’s voters.

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Globeville Landing Park Update

To: “Proud, Christopher N. – CPD North Denver Comerstone”
Cc: ,,, , “Wenskoski, Todd T – CPD Planning Services”
,, “Leid, Kelly R – Mayor’s Office”
,, Debbie Ortega – At Large
Bcc: Mickey Zeppelin
Chris – thanks for the conversation and quick hierarchy project leadership. l am emailing on behalf of the Globeville Civic Partners and representative of Globeville community.

As stated in previous correspondence, we are concerned about the proposed transformation of Globeville Landing Park from its existing conditions to a major detention and conveyance area without full discussion with the community.

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Notice of New Parks Designation Policy

Notice is hereby given that the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City & County of Denver has adopted a new Parks Designation Policy as of November 18, 2016. The new policy clarifies the designation status of and the protections afforded to Denver parks under the existing legal framework and sets forth the public process with respect to designation of Denver parks.

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Notes from INC PARC November 15, 2016

INC PARC met Nov. 15. at 2020 S. Monroe. Present were co-chairs Cindy Johnstone and Maggie Price, Katie Fisher, Diana Helper, Marlene Johnson, Larry Ambrose, Myles Tangalin, Amber Clark and Dee Turner. Scheduled speaker Tim O’Brien was ill, will be rescheduled.
There were thus nine speakers, as all present had a good deal to say. Katie reported on PRAB, where she is “the citizen” who attends regularly. The new Parks Designation Policy was presented.

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