The bill authorizes the operation of a private marijuana club (club)
only if the local jurisdiction has authorized clubs. A club must meet the
following qualifications:
! All members and employees of the club must be 21 years
of age or older;
! A club owner must be a resident of Colorado for at least 2 years prior to owning the club;
! The club’s employees must be Colorado residents;
! The club cannot sell or serve alcohol or food;
! A club owner shall not sell marijuana on the premises; and
! A club owner shall not permit the sale or exchange of
marijuana for remuneration on the premises.

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Chair Margie Valdez convened the meeting of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee and introduced several city staff who spent the entire meeting updating the committee on the status of the Denveright planning process, namely Caryn Champine, David Gaspers and Sarah Showalter of the Community Planning and Development Department; Karen Good and Christine Evanoff of the Public Works Department and Mark Tabor of Parks and Recreation.

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Business owners fight to mix bud and booze

By: Amy DiPierro BusinessDen Feb 8, 2017
Khalatbari and two of his pizzerias are among five plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the state’s revenue department. The group says Initiative 300 trumps the state’s rule. The lawsuit claims Denver’s law went into effect first, and additionally, says the Department of Revenue’s Liquor & Tobacco Enforcement Division doesn’t have the power to regulate marijuana.

The gist of the blowback: scrap Colorado’s regulation.

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Apartments without any parking still a concern in Denver

“The projects that really started the moratorium in effect could in fact happen anywhere in Denver,” said Bill Vanderlan, President of the Humboldt Street Neighborhood Association.

A moratorium on the development of small lots with no parking remains in place until the end of March. In the meantime, an amendment is moving through city channels, and residents don’t like what they’re hearing.

The new wording doesn’t stop things like that from going ahead, it just legitimizes it,” said Jodie Brownlee, a resident in City Park West.

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Senate Bill 17-063 Licensing Marijuana Consumption Clubs

The bill creates a marijuana consumption club license. The license is subject to the same licensing requirements as other retail marijuana licenses. The license may be issued to a person who operates an establishment where retail or medical marijuana may be sold and consumed. The club’s sales are limited to the same limits as a retail marijuana store or a medical marijuana center. The club may not serve food prepared on site or alcohol.

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City Kicks Off Neighborhood Planning Initiative

If you attended our Denver INC Zoning & Planning Committee in October then you know that the city is planning on creating new Neighborhood Plans for the entire city over the next 8 – 10 years.

There are also multiple articles written, in our local newspapers, about the initiative. Take a minute to review the slide show presented by Alex Forrester

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