Minutes of INC Zoning and Planning Committee August 22, 2015 meeting

The INC ZAP (Zoning and Planning Committee) met on August 22, 2015 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at 1201 Williams meeting room. CPD Executive Director Brad Buchanan, CPD Planning Services Director, Caryn Champine, and CPD Senior City Planner Steve Nalley attended the meeting.

The Committee discussed the following topics: 1) Update on Community Planning and Development Issues with presentation from Brad Buchanan; and 2) Updating of Neighborhood Plans with presentation from Caryn Champine and Steve Nalley. The Committee also voted on a resolution concerning Excise/License evening hearing procedures. READ MORE

INC PARC Meeting Notes Aug 18, 2015

May Fenton distributed flyers stating DPR Recycling program is tripling in size. recyleIt is now in eleven Denver parks. She said this will result in savings for DPR, which can be passed along to add recycling to more parks, provide more staff and monitoring. She described various types of recycling containers DPR is selecting, working with Public Works. PARC asked for further cost analysis figures, and will revisit this topic. PARC mentioned that natural areas and trails might be better served aesthetically with the present “barrel” containers rather than large purple bins. READ MORE

Denver INC Executive Committee Minutes- July 13, 2015

Attendance: Larry Ambrose, JJ Niemann, Don Tressler, Bibi Alexander, Margie Valdez, Joel Nobel, John Riecke, Steve Nissen, Katie Fisher, Maggie Price, Meg Schomp, Dave Stauffer

The meeting was called to order by INC President, Larry Ambrose at 6:38 p.m. at the Daniels Fund Building. The minutes of the June 8th EC Meeting were approved by acclamation.

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INC Transportation Committee Meeting Notes – May 14, 2015

Minutes contributed by Geneva Hooten Denver’s New Bicycle ParkIng Program – Robert Ferrin, Manager on On-Street Programs, Denver Public Works How can Denver best allocate parking in the public right-of-way? What drives bike parking demand? Where should the City invest in … READ MORE