INC PARC Meeting Notes April 18 2017

Most recently, in 2000 the two parties entered into an “Agency Agreement” that was intended to contain the entire agreement between them concerning Park Hill Golf Course (Para. 17). The agency agreement and it summary can be found at It is a unique opportunity to acquire 155 acres of open space in a part of Denver lacking park space, and that is easily accessible by transit. He attended the last PRAB meeting to urge them to support. Cindy told of the four talking points about this project that should be conveyed in our press release.

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NOTES FROM INC PARC meeting March 21, 2017

PARC was reminded that the portion of this meeting regarding a proposed large music festival at Overland Golf Course site was strictly to be focused on “process.” This appeared to mean both the current process OSE is going through to make a decision on permitting this event, and a more permanent process to follow for future situations like it. If a contract is signed it will be for a period of 5 years. A great amount of time and energy already has been expended in OSE meetings with numerous groups to garner input.

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INC PARC Meeting Notes Feb 21 2017

As a follow-up from PARC’s January meeting, Cindy and Maggie presented and distributed copies of Tom Morris’s proposed Amendment to the zoning ordinance regarding Park use and responsibility. Tom has reached out to all council members and has met with most except Paul Lopez, Robin Kneich and Stacey Gilmore who did not accept his invitation to talk. His amendment assigns the responsibility to create park OS-A subdistricts and park zoning maps to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

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INC PARC Jan 2017 Notes

Attorney Aaron Goldhamer described J. D. MacFarlane’s lawsuit vs the Mayor, DPR, Public Works, and others regarding the plan to construct a drainage system in City Park Golf Course, closing the historic Course for 18-24 months, questioning whether such construction is a Park Purpose, the lack of needed public vote for construction in a park, the apparent tie-in to 1-70 below-grade plan for flood protection for I-70, Stock Show area.

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Notes from INC PARC November 15, 2016

INC PARC met Nov. 15. at 2020 S. Monroe. Present were co-chairs Cindy Johnstone and Maggie Price, Katie Fisher, Diana Helper, Marlene Johnson, Larry Ambrose, Myles Tangalin, Amber Clark and Dee Turner. Scheduled speaker Tim O’Brien was ill, will be rescheduled.
There were thus nine speakers, as all present had a good deal to say. Katie reported on PRAB, where she is “the citizen” who attends regularly. The new Parks Designation Policy was presented.

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Their slide presentation covered Effects of climate change – planning now and for the future of extreme heat predictions. It dealt with mitigation and adaption, the special concern of Denver’s “urban heat island effect”. Contributing to the urban heat island effect for Denver is being surrounded by higher land and tall buildings, more extreme weather, less snowpack and early melting, and high CO2 emissions affecting climate change. Reducing Denver’s CO2 level is something that can be address and Mayor Hancock asked Environmental Health to developed a plan to reach 80% reduction of CO2 by 2050 in Denver.

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INC PARC Notes September 20, 2016

PARC discussed issues for DPR in updating the Game Plan as part of DenveRight, now being planned by the city. All are urged to attend the Community Visioning Workshops October 4 and 5 to voice comments, and take the survey at Cindy will pass along PARC comments which include:

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