INC PARC Meeting Notes July 19, 2016

Kimberly demonstrated a pollinator hotel that can easily be built and can provide shelter for different kinds of pollinators. One of the main ways to work with City parks is to have the City pass a resolution saying that they will not use chemicals on the parks and parkways.

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INC PARC Meeting Notes June 21, 2016

The final comment from the INC Park members was not having all the details that are yet to be developed and be able to review them for the policy implementation made it difficult to fully support the draft. An example is details about park capacity for events per location within the park. Many factors are considered for park event capacity—parking, public transportation, type of park and other considerations. The committee members supported the idea of creating a consistent policy for rules and regulations to be used for public events in the parks. The completed Rules and Regs must be done by Aug. 10 to present at PRAB.

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INC PARC NOTES for MAY 17 2016 meeting

They (Parks and Recs) are under time constraints to have all complete by August, DPR needs public input. Park facility-rentals for 2017 are granted beginning October ’16. PARC input included using 2016 rules in 2017 to provide time to get this completed properly. Because Denver’s population is growing much faster than its ability to open new parks to accommodate so many people, there are more requests for park use than can be filled, which must be explained to the public.

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INC PARC Meeting Notes April 19, 2016

Katie reported on the recent PRAB (Parks/Rec Advisory Board) meeting where portions of two parks were voted to be re-named in honor of citizens who have worked diligently to improve and maintain them. The two parks are Ruth Lucille Dreiling Park .. section of Weir Gulch and M.L. Sam Sandos Park part of Barnum North park. Identifying markers will be placed when funds are raised. PRAB planned to vote on the City Park Golf Course flood-control matter, and was upset to be told that although DPR acknowledged that notification and public input were missing, it stated these were not necessary, and the project is going ahead.

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INC PARC Notes March 15 2016

Brad received a request from DPR’s Scott Gilmore that PARC support the city planning office’s wish to rezone open areas adjacent to Lakewood / Dry Gulch Park. After discussion, Cindy and Maggie stated they will send a letter of support as co-chairs of PARC. Brad reports the Park Designation Committee is continuing, with 7 more parks to be designated studied in April. S. Platte River Dr. will be vacated, so Overland Pond and Aqua Golf Parks cannot be designated at this time, but presumably will be in the near future. Three other undesignated sites along the S. Platte may be looked at. READ MORE

INC PARC Minutes Feb 16, 2016

NC PARC met Feb. 16 2016 at 6 p.m. at Brookdale, 2020 S. Monroe St. Present were: co-chairs Maggie Price and Cindy Johnstone; Diana Helper, Kathleen and Jay Rust, Ronnie Crawford, Ray Ehrenstein, James Sample, Marlene Johnson, Katie and Steve Fisher, Greg Sorenson, Kathleen Wells, Sonia John, Brad Cameron, Louis Plachowski, George Mayl, John Joseph Niemann, Kim Morse, Jim Considine, Paul Brown, Mary Sharp, Darcy Wilson, Nancy Francis, guest speaker Happy Haynes, DPR Executive Director

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Notes from INC PARC Meeting Jan 19, 2016

Katie reported on the recent PRAB (Parks/Rec Advisory Board) meeting, of which Jay is now a member. Topics included Paco Sanchez Park, two Basin projects, flood planes, Cole neighborhood impact, the gulch projects.

City Planner Mark Bernstein of “The Outdoor Downtown,” sponsored by DPR and Downtown Denver Partnership, presented a slide talk. READ MORE