Ginger White distributed copies of “The Next Stage: The Future of Denver’s Performing Arts Complex” and discussed plans to remodel the present park area along Speer Blvd. The city believes to stay competitive it needs an informal “arts active” park to suit modern taste. The plan calls for the sculptures to be relocated, land reconfigured into a “neighborhood” area with a playground and dog run spaces, and a “festival” area with indoor and outdoor performance spaces, a café, video wall, pavilion, etc. A fresh market and Arts High school, Cycle and Crossfit, Creative Industries, and Commercial Tower are proposed READ MORE

NOTES From INC PARC meeting October 20, 2015

Fred, Katy and Grace spoke about the draft Event Rest Policy for the 2016 season aimed at assessment of the rules which were also used for 2015. Fred explained that the 2016 permitting begins Nov. 2, so it has been necessary to develop a one-year Policy which defines the number of “rest days” in high event parks, to determine use of other parks, and a comprehensive assessment is complete at the end of 2016 season. READ MORE

INC PARC Meeting Notes Aug 18, 2015

May Fenton distributed flyers stating DPR Recycling program is tripling in size. recyleIt is now in eleven Denver parks. She said this will result in savings for DPR, which can be passed along to add recycling to more parks, provide more staff and monitoring. She described various types of recycling containers DPR is selecting, working with Public Works. PARC asked for further cost analysis figures, and will revisit this topic. PARC mentioned that natural areas and trails might be better served aesthetically with the present “barrel” containers rather than large purple bins. READ MORE


INC PARC (Parks and Recreation Committee) met July 21. Present were co-chairs Maggie Price and Katie Fisher, Steve Fisher, Larry Ambrose, Cindy Johnstone, Ray Ehrenstein, James Sample, Ronnie Crawford, Brad Cameron, Nancy Francis, Louis Plachowski, Diana Helper, Bridget Walsh, Joan … READ MORE

INC PARC Meeting Minutes May 19,2015

  INC PARC met May 19.   Present were: co-chair Katie Fisher, Steve Fisher, Cindy Johnstone, Ray Ehrenstein, James T. Sample, Ronnie Crawford, Bridget Walsh, Brad Cameron, Nancy Francis, Diana Helper, Kathleen and Jay Rust.     PARC discussed the … READ MORE