Denver sends violation notices to more than 1,000 short-term rental hosts who could face fines

Technically, short-term rentals of less than 30 days weren’t allowed under city ordinance before the new regulations were approved. But the practice had flourished in the city before regulators caught up, so officials still are working to get the majority of hosts to comply.

So far, Rowland said, the city has issued 947 short-term rental licenses — more than double the 420 that had been issued by late December.

But a key restriction in Denver’s ordinance is forcing many hosts who rent out second homes or investment properties to make a choice: change how they operate, or flout the law. Denver’s rules allow short-term rentals only for primary residences and separate dwelling units on the same property, such as a carriage house.

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As Denver starts licensing short-term rentals, how many residents will comply?

Loucks and other Denver city officials say they’re confident they can keep up, including by spot-checking to verify information submitted on online license applications. The city could request documents that show that a listed residence is where the license-holder lives, she said, and will continue to respond to neighbors’ complaints about disturbances caused by guests.
“We have the capability to audit everything that’s in the ordinance — and we will,” Loucks said.

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Denver City Council passes short-term rentals

More than 60 people signed up to speak on the issue during a public hearing. Predictably, those who support expanded short-term rentals were mainly people who already have them and didn’t want them limited to primary residences. Those who opposed were from established neighborhoods, but they said the restrictions would be better than nothing.

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Power Point Presentation Created By CPD For Short Term Rentals

A proposal to allow short-term vacation rentals in Denver won the endorsement Wednesday night of the Planning Board, moving the controversial issue formally to the City Council.

That’s where it originated — from a task force led by Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman. Her aim over two years of meetings has been to regulate an industry that’s proliferating in Denver neighborhoods as services such as Airbnb and VRBO have caught fire, despite current law that bars rentals of less than 30 days. READ MORE


Discussion of Proposed Denver Zoning Code Text Amendment 8 – Short-Term Rentals
This proposed text amendment would allow short-term rentals as accessory to a primary
residential use, with limitations, where residential uses are currently allowed. The amendment is a companion piece to a proposal from Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses that would establish a licensing and enforcement framework for short-term rentals (rentals of residential property for a period of fewer than 30 days). The proposed text amendment is available at

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Short-Term Rental Questions

    From: “Batchelder, Nathan D. – Excise and Licenses” <> Subject: RE: Short Term Rental Questions & Concerns Date: February 17, 2016 at 2:36:02 PM MST To: Keith Howard <> Cc: “Palmisano, Lucas W – City Council Operations” <>, … READ MORE

Text Amendment #8 Short-term Rentals

A redline draft of the above-referenced proposed Denver Zoning Code Text Amendment and a summary of the process can be viewed at

Any questions regarding this application may be directed to the Case Manager above.

RNOs are encouraged to submit the “RNO Position Statement.pdf” located at by email to CPD at prior to the Planning Board Hearing. READ MORE