INC TRANSPORTATION November Meeting Notes 2017

Hilary Lenz, Program Director at A Little Help, discussed her non-profit group which connects seniors to neighborhood volunteers. A Little Help is “Connecting Neighbors to Help Seniors Thrive.” Volunteers can be matched with seniors, providing resources such as giving seniors rides to the pharmacy, shoveling snow, performing chores and handy help, teaching technology, running general errands, and performing home health care.

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INC Transportation Committee – March Minutes and April Announcements

Our first presentation was from Stephen Rijo, Denver Public Works Transportation Transportation Demand Management program administrator. This very timely topic comes just as many discussions in neighborhoods and at City Council are turning towards how we can find ways to address congestion in our growing city (and our growing region, with a large number of trips coming in and out of Denver every day).

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INC Transportation Committee: Jan. Meeting Notes & Announcements

Will you rally with us on February 14th and join the Vision Zero Coalition in urging Mayor Hancock to address the inherent dangers of unsafe speeds on our streets? If high-speed traffic through your neighborhood has you begging people to “drive chill”, or to drive like their children live there, or if you simply believe that no one should take their lives in their hands simply by trying to get around town, this is for you!

The Vision Zero Love-In will be a truly multi-modal event, with bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders meeting in front of Union Station at 11:00 am and traveling together to the steps of the City and County building. Mayor Hancock will address the crowd at noon, and the rally will culminate with the delivery to the Mayor of hand-signed Valentines from Denver residents declaring their love for safe streets and support for the Safe Speeds for Denver campaign

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Transportation Special Tours and Events

This is a special announcement e-mail about tours, book club, a Valentine’s Day “Love-In” event in support of safe speeds, and more. The next regular INC Transportation Committee will be on Thursday, March 9th 2017, 6 p.m. at 1201 Williams St.

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INC Transportation Committee: NO MEETING IN JULY & Meeting Notes from May 12th 2016

Denver’s New Pedestrian Crossing Guidelines – Michael Koslow and Riley LaMie, Denver Public Works

Transportation Engineer Michael Koslow and Associate City Planner Riley LaMie presented the city’s new Pedestrian Crossing Guidelines, a policy document to guide city planners and engineers in determining where and how to improve uncontrolled pedestrian crossings across the city. When a specific location is being considered for a crosswalk treatment – due to neighborhood input, a new development, or staff recommendation – the Pedestrian Crossing Guidelines will lend consistency and transparency in determining an appropriate treatment, if any.

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INC Transportation Committee Meeting Notes – March 10th, 2016

How are people commuting to downtown Denver and how has it changed over the past nine years? What can commute patterns downtown tell us about traveling in Denver more broadly? Providing much more detail than Census-based surveys, the Downtown Denver Partnership’s annual commuter survey reveals that active transportation – like walking and biking – is on the the rise for commuters under 30. READ MORE

INC Transportation Notes January 14, 2016

INC Transportation Committee Meeting Notes – January 14th, 2016
by Geneva Hooten

At our meeting on January 14th from 6 to 8 p.m. at 1201 Williams Street, we had a presentation from RTD and a long session with Denver’s Director of Transportation Crissy Fanganello. Thank you to Michael Henry for providing the room for our committee!

Real-Time Transit Info Comes to RTD — Steve Szczecina, RTD Acting Digital Communications Manager
It’s been a long time in the making, but real-time transit information is here. Starting off 2016 with a major accomplishment, RTD now has real-time vehicle location and arrival prediction data for bus service available, and the first developer using it with the Transit App mobile application. READ MORE