INC Transportation Committee – Meeting Notes From Nov. 12, 2015

How do we create attractive and inviting places that are functional for different users throughout the day and over the course of changing seasons? How can we transform one of Denver’s most famous streets – 16th Street – into a better place to serve Denver’s ever-changing needs?

Jason Whitlock, Principal City Planner, presented one of three connected studies aimed at activating Denver: The Mall Experience. Jason began by asking: what do we have to learn from other great places? Places like Covent Garden in London or Broadway in New York City. How does 16th Street perform in comparison? READ MORE

INC Transportation Committee Meeting Notes – September 10, 2015

At our meeting on September 10th from 6 to 8 p.m. at 1201 Williams Street, we had three presentations on a variety of interesting topics. A big thank you to Michael Henry for providing the room for our committee!

eTuk USA: Denver-based Tuk Tuk Manufacturer & eTuk Denver: Local Transportation Provider — Walid Mourtada, CEO

eTuk USA may be the new kid on the block, but they’re here to stay. Based on the Tuk Tuks made ubiquitous in Southeast Asia and parts of South America, Walid Mourtada has created a new transportation option for Denver residents. READ MORE

INC Transportation Committee Meeting Notes – July 9, 2015

Jeff Dunning, Service Planning Manager with RTD joined us to discuss how RTD looks at changing RTD bus service to connect well with rail lines. How can the service be made more efficient and attractive in the process, and what goals and philosophies guide RTD’s decisions? READ MORE

INC Transportation Committee Meeting Notes – May 14, 2015

Minutes contributed by Geneva Hooten Denver’s New Bicycle ParkIng Program – Robert Ferrin, Manager on On-Street Programs, Denver Public Works How can Denver best allocate parking in the public right-of-way? What drives bike parking demand? Where should the City invest in … READ MORE

INC Transportation Committee Meeting Notes – March 12, 2015

At our meeting on March 12th from 6 to 8 p.m. at 1201 Williams Street, all three speakers highlighted projects and plans that we get to hear about early – a preview of a citywide crash study, the RTD fare study prior to public meetings, and CDOT’s … READ MORE