Denver Zoo Incinerator Raises Questions about Health and Safety

When the Denver Zoological Foundation went to City Council in December 2014 for approval of a $50 million “gasification” plant, the INC PARC sent the attached letter to some members of Denver City Council clarifying that INC had never taken a position in support of this project. Read Letter

Download the PDF file .

We determined at the time that, although INC PARC has been given a very glowing report in asking for our support, given the questions being raised about the true nature of this project, we did not have enough information to make an informed decision.

INC and others continue to ask important questions about the safety of what is more and more appearing to be a large incinerator in the middle of Denver, which is in the middle of a major park surrounded by zoo animals and many thousands of neighborhood residents.  INC PARC will be seeking out information about the safety of this secret patented apparatus and its potential health effects on animals and humans before the plant begins burning as yet unidentified waste and pouring gasses into City Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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