January 12, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
1201 N Williams St
Denver, CO 80218

Co-Chairs Joel Noble and Geneva Hooten hope your neighborhood can send a representative to the committee as we discuss a range of transportation, transit, and streets topics, build connections with the agencies and organizations involved, and ensure that neighborhood input is included in plans at all levels! Attendees do not need to be INC delegates — all are welcome. Even if your neighborhood organization is not a member of INC, you are welcome to participate. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested in joining the committee — write to to be added to our growing e-mail list!

Thursday January 12th, 6-8 p.m.
Happy New Year!

Since INC created our Transportation Committee, we’ve helped neighborhoods connect more closely with the departments and agencies that help us move around our city and state, coordinated our shared priorities in a platform document that captures positions and goals vital to preserving and improving quality of life in Denver, and partnered with other community nonprofits to amplify our efforts on major topics like road safety and sidewalks.

The City has responded by becoming more neighborhood-focused and available with new programs such as Parking Area Management Plans and the new Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, improving neighborhood notification for changes such as street paving, appointing INC and neighborhood representatives to the direction-setting task forces of all three transportation-related city-wide Denveright plans, taking on our top priorities with a Vision Zero program and Denver’s first-ever systemic look at sidewalk installation and repair, and involving INC in candidate interviews for Public Works director positions.

We’ll need this strong partnership in 2017 as we face the challenges in front of us. As a growing city, we have to make good on our goals to move people around more efficiently, now more than ever. We have to shape the growing consensus on finding an affordable and effective way to install and repair sidewalks without requiring huge sudden expenditures from individual residents for what truly is public infrastructure. And with traffic deaths on the rise, we absolutely must follow through on the Vision Zero commitment with projects and policies to calm traffic speeding through our neighborhoods while learning from the experiences in other cities to target and resolve the underlying causes of crashes in order to save lives.

We have a lot to look forward to, and a lot of work to do. So we’re excited to start the year with three topics we think will start us off in the right direction.

  1. Looking Forward: 2017 Denver Transportation Plans and Projects – Crissy Fanganello, Denver Director of Transportation
    We’re continuing our tradition of starting the new year with Denver’s first Director of Transportation, Crissy Fanganello! Expect a look into the year’s goals and funded projects, a status on the community’s high-level goals for safe and efficient transportation options, and news about major plans in progress and starting soon.
  2. Neighborhood Traffic Management Program – Brittany Price, P.E., Project Manager, Denver Public Works Transportation and Mobility
    Brittany Price will be presenting a preview of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program currently in development. The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is a proactive customer service approach to moving people and enhancing safety with a focus on implementation. This program is expected to identify neighborhood-scale projects that improve safety and connectivity within and between neighborhoods, help reduce vehicle speeds, improve connectivity to transit, and improve comfort and accessibility for people walking and biking.
  3. Transportation Benefits of Trees – Sara Davis, Denver Urban Forestry and Leah Shafer, The Park People
    Trees make the world more beautiful and air easier to breathe. But what about their transportation impact? Sara Davis, Urban Forestry Program Manager for the City and County of Denver will provide an overview of the transportation benefits of trees and Leah Shafer, Program Manager with The Park People, will outline how the Denver Digs Trees program makes it easy (and free!) to improve our urban forest. Come celebrate Earth Day just a few months early, then help others to get involved.

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Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation provides information and makes possible this dialogue in the interest of the free expression of ideas and for the edification and benefit of the community. All are welcome to comment and respond here provided language is not libelous, threatening or obscene.

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