INC Zoning & Planning Committee

February 25, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Cheesman Tower 19th Floor
1201 N Williams St
Denver, CO 80218
Margie Valdez, Chair
9:30 – 11:30 – Discussions and updates  – Initiative 300 Social Consumption  ; Liquor and Marijuana –  Excise and Licenses; Text Amendment 11 – Small Lot Parking Exemptions and High-density Rezoning of the Mt. Gilead Church Parcel located at the SE corner of Crestmoor Park.  Round table discussions on these issues as well as any other issues which your neighborhood is experiencing.
If you  have issues which you believe will be of benefit to ZAP Committee members, please advise the Chair so that she can schedule the issues to be heard by the Committee at a future ZAP meeting.  Your ideas and suggestions are appreciated

The following links are posts regarding the Mt. Gilead Parcel that have been published on the INC Web Site

Writ of Certiorari Filed regarding Mt. Gilead/Crestmoor Park

Big uproar over small Denver project set for rezoning hearing Monday [Denver Post]

Denver City Council Approves Crestmoor Park area rezoning plan 8-4 [Denver Post]



Committee Mission Statement
The mission of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee is to learn about zoning, planning, licensing and urban design issues and processes in Denver, including sidewalks and tree lawns; to assist neighborhood groups in dealing with such matters; and to provide advocacy, recommendations and comments to city government, with emphasis on the need for and importance of involvement of neighbors and neighborhood organizations in city issues.

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Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation provides information and makes possible this dialogue in the interest of the free expression of ideas and for the edification and benefit of the community. All are welcome to comment and respond here provided language is not libelous, threatening or obscene.

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