Executive Committee Meeting August 14 2017


August 14, 2017



Officers: Hank Bootz, Drew Dutcher, JJ, George Mayl, Steve Nissen

Chairs: Jo Barrios, Joel Noble, Maggie Price

Guests: Loretta Koehler

JJ, President – Call to order at 7:45pm


Motion to approve July 10, 2017 EC meeting minutes made by JJ, seconded by George. Passed unanimously.


Motion to approve July treasurer’s report made by JJ, seconded by George.

Passed unanimously.

For next meeting, discuss if there is an organization we would like to provide financial support to.


September Delegate Meeting

  • Discussed at length in prior meeting. See Joel’s notes for more details.

Results from August’s Delegate Meeting

  • JJ, Loretta, Hank, Maggie, and George will email Jo with their notes from the discussion. Joel already provided his notes.
  • Notes from meeting will be compiled and used to set future agendas and meetings.

INC Survey

  • Jane sent out survey on 13 August 2017, and it will be open for two weeks.
  • JJ will get clarification from Jane on who can fill out survey. It appears that survey is limited to a specific recipient, so JJ will clarify if it can be shared and filled out by multiple users.


Improve Communication

  • Can we have a group that pushes information through Next Door? How do our delegates do wants to receive information (website, social media, etc.)?
  • Street blog, Channel 8, and other mediums can be used to relay information.
  • EC will use survey results and research some more communication options. This will be discussed at a future EC meeting.

Design training of RNO Presidents

  • EC would like to work on updating the INC RNO manual. This will be a special project to take on after the September Delegate meeting. There will be further discussion on the format and how to present this information, as well as if the EC should hire professional resources for this effort.
  • After RNO manual is updated, EC should consider doing an RNO President training and consider having 15 minute presentation of topics at the delegate meetings.

Sustainable Neighborhoods Summit

  • Discussion on how neighborhoods can share information with each other.
  • Maggie stated that Sustainable Neighborhoods has its own network and has been hosting events. Their website also has detailed information.
  • This issue will be discussed at a future meeting.

October Meeting Topic

  • Topic was already set at last meeting. Denver Health CEO will be giving a presentation, and we will be discussing ballot initiatives.

Hot Issues

  • There are a lot of hot issues and INC needs to find a way to get information out on hot topic issues.
  • EC will revisit how to get out hot topic issues, whether that be in the newsletter, social media, website, or some other form.
  • GO Bond has some changes being made to it. Will discuss the GO bond and the final ballot initiatives at the next EC meeting.
  • Another hot topic coming up is the City contract that was finalized 10 August 2017 for the National Western Center framework. It is a 50 year contract for the running of the Center. Drew will provide more information to George to cover in ZAP committee meeting.
  • JJ was asked by the city if there should be an RNO diversity requirement and how to make RNOs more inclusive. Baker has had success with involving diverse demographics by keeping key individuals involved. Also, renters are often left out from RNO participation because RNOs target homeowners. Reaching out to renters would be a good way to include a more diverse representation. More discussion will be had at future meetings.


  • Jane Potts has declined the role of Dinner Chair.
  • New chair will need to be identified or further discussion on hiring an event coordinator.
  • JJ is going to look into getting quotes on an event coordinator and see if Jane Potts would consider overseeing the event coordinator or writing up the specific tasks needed.

New Action Items

JJ, Loretta, Hank, Maggie, and George – send Jo notes from Delegate Meeting

Jo – compile Delegate meeting notes and send back out to everyone

JJ – get quotes on an event coordinator

Outstanding Action Items

Drew – reach out to RNOs he knows to increase attendance

Jane – reach out to RNOs in the area of delegate meetings – complete?

George – reach out to City Councilpersons and ask them to include INC meetings in their newsletters

Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm

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Executive Committee Meeting August 14 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. Perhaps this laughable excuse for a neighborhood organization should delete this agenda and focus on improving the garbage job you do actually representing neighborhoods. It is laughable to those of us paying attention that “Improved Communication” is a new topic for you people. How about “Communication At All.” Perhaps you should get off your self-righteous duffs and actually begin the difficult process of being a neighborhood organization.

    Step 1: Identify your neighbors.
    Step 2: Gather contact information for your neighbors.
    Step 3: Initiate contact with your neighbors (e.g., Door-to-door canvassing, Mailchimp, Surveymonkey are excellent tools for actually learning what your neighbors want).
    Step 4: Use the results of your outreach to actually work for the benefit of your neighbors.

    I, of course, won’t hold my breath for INC to become anything other than what it currently is: an egregious affront to representative government with zero accountability and not the faintest hint of an idea what “its” neighbors and neighborhoods want or need.

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