From the Veep’s Cubicle – October 2015

INC’s Zoning and Planning Committee Co-Chair Margie Valdez, along with City staffers and the Principal Associate Planner, Matrix Design Group, presented their first Denver Citizens’ Academy on Sept. 30, 2015. These city/citizen sessions are meant to engage RNOs and other neighborhood representatives by soliciting conceptualization and input to describe our far flung neighborhoods.
IMG_7765Participants were asked to list neighborhood amenities and favorite places, including restaurants and special venues. These “places of pride” were described by speakers from each of several break-out table groups. The concept behind this Academy is to seek an over-arching plan for all Denver. The methodology used for such a large scale effort, is to bring together participants from as many parts of the city as possible. Judging by the colored dots pasted by individuals upon the city map, the city was pretty evenly covered. IMG_7832 IMG_7848

It was my privilege to film this first session and I was impressed by the dispatch and well managed directions of city planners to co-ordinate the diverse opinions brought forth. My video is being edited by INC Communications experts, (mostly Maggie Price) and once uploaded to You Tube will tell INCers the whole story.

Participants were business owners, RNO representatives and activist neighbors. This is the first of three planned events to work towards a concept of the whole of Denver with an emphasis on planning and transportation options, but while also focusing on neighborhood desires and aspirations. INC members along with City Staff will present at the second and third sessions. These sessions are “sold out;” however we hope that others can participate in coming years. In addition, a similar program for liquor and marijuana licensing issues is being planned for early 2016.

Thanks for your activism!

Ray Ehrenstein

INC Veep

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