INC Delegates Meeting Resolution On Video

On Aug 8 2015 the INC Delegates passed a resolution concerning Denver City Park Solid Waste Incinerator, also known as gasification.
 Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation calls upon
1.) the Denver Zoo to document relevant, substantive technical and operational details of its OSWI Incinerator and release this information to the public, and 
2.) the Denver City Council to conduct a substantive and technical review of the Zoo’s OSWI Incinerator plant through hearings before its designated Infrastructure and Culture Committee, and when necessary, using its full subpoena powers, taking testimony from Denver Zoo Foundation administrators, engineers, scientists, environmental experts including qualified and credible third parties along with representation from environmental justice groups, Registered Neighborhood Organizations and City Park neighbors to determine the safety and health risks posed by the use of the incinerator, before it be allowed to proceed and to operate.

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