April 10, 2017



Board: JJ Niemann, George Mayl, Bob Inman, Steve Nissen, Jane Lorimer, Hank Bootz, Ian Harwick

Committee Chairs: Cindy Johnstone

Quorum present at meeting call-to-order by the President (JJ Niemann) – 7:03pm.

March EC Minutes Approval

Steve moved the March minutes be approved and George seconded. The March 13, 2017 EC minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Steve Nissen

  • There is currently $23,600 in the Savings Account; $12,000 in a CD; and $453 in the Checking Account;

  • In March $7000 was moved from the Checking Account to the Savings Account and $12,000 move to a CD from the Savings Account. Also, $1461.43 was moved to the Savings Account from the Charity Account, which left nothing ($0.00) in the Charity Account;

  • There is some positive feedback and comments from the Cop Shops regarding the recent $200 gifts donated by INC ($1400 in total to 7 recipients). It was suggested that the donations would be good content for publicity in various publications/web sites (i.e. Next Door for one);

  • Steve cited that the INC 2016 tax documents have been filed;

  • Jane moved to approve the Treasurer’s report; Ian seconded. The EC unanimously approved.

Old Business

  • Communications – Procure human resources/curator to work on the INC web site. Jane mentioned some efforts to find outside help (aside from Maggie) but with little luck so far, but will redouble her efforts after Easter;

  • Membership Admin Help – Ian and Jane are identifying candidates to interview (perhaps college interns, etc.) to help specifically with the membership drive. One person in particular has expressed interest. Follow-up will ensue in April;

  • INC Directory/Roster – The directory has been created and is in Xcel draft format. What information should be included – bylaws, RNO neighborhood maps, RNO web sites, house counts, presidents/boards? The order of information needs to be conformed and consistent. It was suggested that a draft be sent to the EC for comments.

  • 2017 INC Surveys – What should be included in the membership survey? Jane suggested a ten-question survey and JJ will provide his list of relevant topics. Ian suggests to garner feedback on the effects of gentrification (demographic realignment regarding wealth and ethnic disparity/displacement) in their neighborhoods. There is a lot debate as to what gentrification is, at least among the EC.

What format and objective should the survey have? One: A membership survey asking how INC can better serve the community, through web site resources, newsletters, meetings etc.; or two: The neighborhoods’ perception of the city and its problems and challenges. The decision leans toward a membership survey. It was suggested to table for now with greater clarity to follow, thus is deemed an Action Item.

  • VIP Event – An ad hoc meeting was held at the end of March attended by Jane, Bob, Ian and Tom Mobley regarding the purpose and format of this event. It was ultimately agreed that a more relevant and grass roots approach would be a ‘learning’ event on how to how to manage, remodel or even start an RNO. Only one keynote speaker for 10 minutes with breakout sessions addressing a multitude of topics in a round-table revolving schedule. Topics may include schools, traffic, newsletters, safety/crime, etc.

A potential timeframe is August-October with a suggested budget of about $4000. Whatever month is ultimately chosen, it will occur on the second Saturday of the month in lieu of a monthly delegates-at large meeting. We also need to determine potential event sites. Moreover, the event should not be termed ‘VIP,’ but rather ‘RNO Learning or Workshop event. No city or elected officials should be invited in order to keep it an INC event only. A panel of seven EC members will call/email potential attendees for feedback (test the water). Jane moves to pursue this event; Bob seconds; the EC votes unanimously to approve. The calling roster and caller’s script are deemed Action Items.

Committee Reports

There are no updates from Committee chairs, as Margie has resigned as ZAP chair, Maggie (PARC) and Joel (Transportation) were not in attendance. A discussion ensued about succession of chairs in committees, as Margie’s resignation underscores the need for a successor and continuity with committee initiatives and achievements. Co-chairs may be a viable alternative. Unfortunately, there continues to be a core group of leaders/doers and not enough of them. This both impedes accomplishments and continuity, but also contributes to ‘volunteer burnout.’

New Business

  • GO Bond – The INC goal for the GO bond is to ensure that the needs of the RNOs do not go overlooked or minimized (i.e. deferred maintenance, infrastructure, project priorities, open space). There is a list of some 350 projects that must to be ‘tiered’ in importance and money allocation. There is never enough money for the needs of the recipients.

  • Change on the Front Range – New Leaders Council Denver (NLC). Ian has been recently involved with this newly created organization. It’s a nation-wide fellowship offering a five-month course teaching people how to, for example, run for office, how to raise funding, develop a ‘personal story’ and how to better communicate in a political world. Ian is asking INC to be a possible financial sponsor. George suggests the topic be tabled until more information can be garnered to make an educated decision. NLC does not have a stated political affiliation. Ian will forward their web site and links to help research NLC.

New Board Business

For clarification, JJ again stated that the difference between the ‘bylaws’ and ‘standing rules’ is:

  • The bylaws are the stated, ongoing policies and procedures for the conduct of the organization;

  • Standing rules are subject to regular annual adjustments;

  • In common, both bylaws and standing rules are a constant work-in-progress, meaning that they are both dynamic and amendable.

JJ suggested he will contact the new board members – George, Bob and Hank – to clarify roles, answer questions and understand personal objectives. INC should be a platform to enable its members to contribute expertise in areas of interest.

Adjournment at 8:35pm

Submitted by Robert Inman, INC Secretary

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