Neighbors fight to save trees ahead of trial involving Denver’s City Park Golf Course

Trial is set for August 21



DENVER — There’s new sense of urgency surrounding the fight to save trees at Denver’s City Park Golf Course.

Denver City Council is set to vote on contracts related to a controversial drainage project at the golf course. The work involves a stormwater drainage project and course redesign.

The proposed contracts are on the agenda for Monday, August 14, after the vote was delayed by a week. Councilman Rafael Espinoza requested the delay and sent a letter to Mayor Michael Hancock Friday morning asking him to deny the contracts.

“It doesn’t make any sense to contract with someone for tree removal when the question of is this an appropriate use of park land remains,” said Espinoza.


Gilmore Ethics Complaint filed by Former District 10 Council Woman Cathy Donohue

Gilmore Ethics Complaint 

Download the PDF file .


Denver Post Editorial regarding Stacie Gilmore and conflict of interest.

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Neighbors fight to save trees ahead of trial involving Denver’s City Park Golf Course — 2 Comments

  1. It appears to this person, and a host of others, that ethics violations involving members of the City Government mean very little. I guess it will take a lawsuit to get the attention of the Denver Board of Ethics to render a decision. One option that would satisfy all parties would be for the Gilmores to resign their positions. I wouild be in favor of that.

    • The golf course in itself might be the question, rather than the trees. How many hungry people, striving to survive animals and plants could benefit from alternative use? While providing safety from devastating effects of flooding due to our ever changing world?

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