NOTES From INC PARC meeting October 20, 2015

NOTES From INC PARC meeting October 20, 2015

Present at the Oct. 20 INC PARC (Parks and Recreation Committee) meeting were co-chairs Maggie Price and Katie Fisher, Steve Fisher, Seth Willey, Mary Ann Stack, Sonia John, Michele Fuerst, Nancy Francis, James T. Sample, Ronnie Crawford, Mike Ballard, Ray Ehrenstein, Bridget Walsh, Louis Plachowski, Jay Rust, Kathleen Rust, Paula Kauffman, Cindy Johnstone, Melinda Yeary, Georgia Garnsey, Brad Cameron, Tom Morris, Diana Helper.  Guests from DPR were:Scott Gillmore, Fred Weiss, Katy Strascina and Grace Lopez Ramirez.

Scott spoke about the ramifications of Red Rocks Park’s historic designation pertaining to park use. rrbuilding A Red Rocks Working Group (RRWG) is being formed to develop guidelines.  Friends of Red Rocks state that more immediately pressing is a plan to replace all of the trees in the amphitheater planter boxes.  There has been a lack of process or public input.  This is a matter for Landmark study, and will be included in RRWG agenda.  INC PARC Representative to the Red Rocks Working Group will be Nancy Francis.
Fred, Katy and Grace spoke about the draft Event Rest Policy for the 2016 season aimed at assessment of the rules which were also used for 2015.  Fred explained that the 2016 permitting begins Nov. 2, so it has been necessary to develop a one-year Policy which defines the number of “rest days” in high event parks, to determine use of other parks, and a comprehensive assessment is complete at the end of 2016 season.  PARC asked to have RNOs notified of the “resting” schedule as well as the use dates, and agreed that use of other good park venues should be encouraged.  EVENT REST POLICY HERE

Katy believes that with knowledgeable permit procedures and attention to event impacts, all park events can be high quality, and more events may be added without overburdening the neighborhoods.  The many other agencies involved are getting on board with DPR policies.  PARC noted that the noise factor at events has been mitigated in many instances.

Grace said that DPR’s relationship to RNOs is important and notification to is a priority.  PARC will help make RNOs aware of the city’s website, which gives information about event dates, and includes a map of event activity.

Scott spoke about plans for the new Carla Madison Rec Center on E. Colfax which would include a 3,000’ retail building on site.  DPR needs to sell this site for development to pay for amenities at the Rec Center, and wishes to change the set-back requirement between this site and City Park Esplanade Pkwy. (gateway on E. Colfax) from 35’ to 25’. There was considerable discussion about removing the 35’ setback  of City Property next to a City Parkway . The set-back matter will be discussed and voted on by PRAB (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board) at its meeting Thursday, Nov. 12. Jay Rust now represents his Council District on PRAB.  The following documents were discussed.

The Beautiful New Interpretive Sign at Prairie Park will be celebrated on Wed., Oct, 28 at 10:30 a.m., corner of Buchtel Blvd. and S. St. Paul.  Everyone is invited.  Start Doing Your Fair Weather Dance!
Katie Fisher announced that she is withdrawing from her co-chairmanship of PARC, and that Cindy Johnstone will co-chair with Maggie Price in the future.  Katie will continue representing PARC at PRAB.  There was a round of applause and gratitude for all her good work.

–Diana Helper, PARC member

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