Oct 2015 Delegate Meeting Minutes


Location: South High School

Start: 9:05am

30 Delegates in Attendance



Welcome from Washington Park NA

South High School introduction – Community Liaison

  • South is an International School
  • It focuses on College Prep

Approval of Minutes – Motion: James Sample 2nd: Chris Chiari – Approval by Voice Acclimation

Treasurer Total: $33k

Committee – Zoning & Planning

  • Proposed changes to Marijuana statutes will allow longer hours
  • The committee encourages Good Neighbor agreements
    • Set hours, sign restrictions, parking plan with the business owner
  • The INC Academy was a success
    • Recorded and has been posted on YouTube
    • Next training is on Small Area Plans (Blair Caldwell Library)
  • Court Decision on Crestmoor Park found that neighbors have standing to have the suit go forward.
  • Court Decision on Sloans Lake Apartments – It will go forward on an individual basis.
  • City does not want RNOs to be able to sue.
    • AI: JJ – Take a look at ordinance for RNOs to sue.
  • Small area plans would only be “recommendations”
    • City believes that neighborhoods can only “recommend” plans

Committee – Education:

  • Viewing of Education INC movie on Monday Night @ 7pm DSA.

  • Monday night – Lincoln HS is becoming split apart.

    • Thursday night is the vote.

    • Story in DP this morning.

  • AI: Meg – Get a bi-monthly meeting going for Education

  • INC has posted up the videos from the Election Forums – Please Share

Committee Parks & Rec

  • Motion on Denver INC PARC Red Rocks Resolution

    • Friends of Red Rocks

    • Motion: Margie Valdez & 2nd by: Caroline Schomp

    • Recognition of Susan Beard

    • Steve from Friends of Red Rocks presented

      • Red Rocks belongs to all of us, but no neighborhood organization represents it.

    • Discussion: The corporate sponsor will be displayed properly.

    • Vote: For: 31 – Against: O – Abstain: 2

  • Motion made by Meg Schomp.

  • Recycled water in parks is killing trees because of the sodium levels.

  • Presented by Cindy Johnstone.

  • 2nd: Darcy Wilson

  • Discussion – Go talk to the private company?

  • Get the EPA sampling data for the company’s river water exhaust.

  • Parks & Rec are planning on expanding this process.

  • There is a list of places it’s being used.

  • Wash Park has lost 1/3 of their conifers,

    • 19% in City Park, Cheesman (no gray water) 6.5%.

  • We want to use gray water, but we don’t want the salt problem.

  • Vote: 31 – 0 – 1 abstain.

  • The park next to DPAC will have a public meeting.

    • They have a plan to make it an amphitheater.

  • Special Events is having an the events in the park reevaluation

    • We ask for at least 3 days a month when the parks don’t have an event.

  • Neighborhoods are advocates for city council to be decision makes for Parks Dept.

Public Safety

  • meeting – Next meeting is Oct 22nd.
  • Safety Expo was a success

Awards Banquet

  • Visit Denver is Presenting Sponsor again this year.
  • Hosting it at the Police Protective Association (PPA)

Presentations on 2C – See our YouTube Videos



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