John Prosser, Architect and Professor

Prosser joined CU-Boulder’s architecture school in 1966 and moved to Denver when the program relocated here a few years later, as Patricia Calhoun reported for Westword.

Early in his career in Denver, Prosser authored a proposal to save parts of the Auraria neighborhood from redevelopment, including the Tivoli brewery, which “helped give Auraria much of the character it retains today,” Calhoun wrote.

Prosser saw Denver’s modern rebuilding coming, too. “Believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Colorado doesn’t know what density is,” he told The Denver Post in 2001. And he warned that the city wasn’t intellectually ready for that change.

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INC Membership Renewals January 1, 2018

Time to renew INC Memberships

 INC dues for all members are due January 1, 2018.  Rates remain the same since 2012. Your dues help pay for such things as member meetings (food, beverage, supplies, and equipment), website upkeep, survey tools, newsletter development, banking and legal, committee meeting needs and our annual awards dinner.

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New Developments, Park Hill Golf Course Purchase

What we know now is the city needs to obtain rights to a portion of the golf course to proceed with the design of their drainage project so that construction can begin in January of 2019. As such the city will be filing a land acquisition ordinance (LAO) that will be considered by City Council in December. This LAO will allow the City to obtain rights to a maximum of 90 acres of property, likely this will be through a temporary easement for the 90 acres to allow for construction and a permanent easement for a smaller footprint once the drainage project is complete.

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Delegate Meeting Minutes Nov 11 2017


JJ Niemann, INC President, introduced Margie Valdez, Chair Bylaws Sub Committee, to review proposed bylaws changes pertaining to last date to renew membership within INC and to be able to participate in voting on or running for INC board positions. The changes were emailed to all members October 30, 2017. 45 delegates present at this time.

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Executive Committee Meeting August 14 2017

Improve Communication

Can we have a group that pushes information through Next Door? How do our delegates do wants to receive information (website, social media, etc.)?

Street blog, Channel 8, and other mediums can be used to relay information.

EC will use survey results and research some more communication options. This will be discussed at a future EC meeting.

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Executive Committee Minutes September 11, 2017

Venue / Date / Theme: Hotel is booked for January 31 – total ballroom. INC to invite same groups (City leaders, INC members, non-member RNO leaders). About 500 invitations and about half attend (250). Meal selection can be same as 2017. Cash bar.

Theme is Neighborhoods Working Together. Awards to be the central focus, shorter program, PPT to be INC branded, professional emcee and short Visit Denver presentation.

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Saturday’s Meeting

Margie sent out notes from Saturday’s meetings.

There will a change to the bylaws that delegates who do not pay dues by February 15th (45 days prior to election) will not be eligible to vote in the March officer elections.

Executive Committee will be trained on Robert’s Rules. Loretta will speak to an attorney for training. Payment for a parliamentarian may be an option.

Both sides of issues will be presented; and, ideally, motions will be presented in writing.

Meeting attendance requirements or charges will not be set, but organization attendance will be reported.

Dignitaries, Mayor’s office, and non-delegate RNO’s will be invited to dinners.

Child care will be considered for future forums but not for dinner.

February Forum will be for diversity / displacement / gentrification. Drew suggested a committee be set up for it. He also recommended a professor from Columbia be invited, since she will be in town around the same time as the forum. He will follow up on outreach to her.

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