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Mission Statement: Members of any Registered Neighborhood Organization may  participate in the Parks & Recreation Committee as citizens representing Denver’s neighborhoods, to act as stewards of the public’s interests, to solicit and share information, to study, to express collective needs/desires and when appropriate;  investigate and make recommendations regarding standards, use, amenities and services for Denver’s parks and recreation programs and centers.

Meeting Schedule:

This committee normally meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Please contact either Chair for location.

Check the INC Calendar for a list of upcoming Parks & Recreation committee meetings.

Co-Chair: Cindy Johnstone, FANS
Co-Chair: Maggie Price, Congress Park Neighbors

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Director Natural Resources – Bob Finch
Manager Park Rangers – Bob Toll
Program Coordinator Denver Parks and Rec Volunteers – Tina Myers
Operations – Doug Wood  Organizational chart
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2014 Parks and Rec Performance Audit


2013 Rules and Regulations for Denver City Parks

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Complete Lists of Denver Parks and Status- May 2013
Proposed Park Designation – 2013 (Jan)
Proposed Park Designation – 2013 (Aug 7)

Outdoor Fee Presentation 2-19-2013 Contains Maps and Quadrants of Parks to be used
Draft of Private Outdoor Fee Based Activities (Commercial Use, utilizing portions of the parks for private business purposes)
PARKS policy update and project schedule 2013
PARKS Policy update and Change May 2013
City Loop New Play Experience presented to PRAB

Public Engagement Communication and Notification May 22 2013 text
Pecan Power Point May 22

Park Rules Regulations and Proposed Public Policy (Park Designation Policy,RAPP,PECAN)

Documents Provided By Denver Water 06-16-2015

Letter To Denver Water April 23 2015

Denver Water provided four documents regarding studies of recycled water effects in parks and golf courses.

Platt River

Platt River Vision

Catherine Sandy – Shadduck Dump Site Cleanup



Chivefest Letter of Concern July 2014

POFA 8-27-2013
Urban Drainage Letter To Mayor Hancock Jan 2016

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NOTES FROM INC PARC meeting March 21, 2017

PARC was reminded that the portion of this meeting regarding a proposed large music festival at Overland Golf Course site was strictly to be focused on “process.” This appeared to mean both the current process OSE is going through to make a decision on permitting this event, and a more permanent process to follow for future situations like it. If a contract is signed it will be for a period of 5 years. A great amount of time and energy already has been expended in OSE meetings with numerous groups to garner input.

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INC PARC Recommended Resolution RE: Acquisition of Park Hill Golf Course

Whereas, Park Hill Golf Course is approximately 155 acres in size and is generally located between Colorado Boulevard on the west, Smith Road on the north, Dahlia Street on the east, and 35th Avenue on the south, and has been operated as a golf course for over 100 years; and

Whereas, contrary to popular belief, Park Hill Golf Course is NOT owned by Denver, but instead is owned by Clayton Early Learning, which is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to promote early childhood education

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