Friends Of Denver Parks files brief with Colorado Court of Appeals

On Feb 4, 2015 Attorney John Case filed on behalf of Friends Of Denver Parks, a brief with the Colorado Court Of Appeals. Friends of Denver Parks was the recipient of the 2014 INC Presidents Award

Please see the letter from John Case


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continuing support of Friends of Denver Parks and efforts to protect open space in Denver.

Attached is a copy of the brief that Evans Case LLP filed for plaintiffs-appellants in the Colorado Court of Appeals on February 4, 2015. We are asking the court to reverse the decision of Judge Stern so that, in accordance with Charter Section 2.4.5, the people of Denver may vote on the issue of whether 11 acres of park land should be traded to DPS for use as a school. We filed a lis pendens on the property in 2013 before the City conveyed it to DPS, so our interests are protected until all appeals are exhausted.

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