Pay Pal Donation Troubles

Are you having some trouble donating via Pay Pal?  The trouble maybe the web browser that you are using. .. No fault, no blame.  Web browsers behave differently with different programs.

Here are is a tip for the most common trouble, “AUGHHHH!  I can’t enter or change the amount”

If your donation page looks like this:

paypal-donation-firefoxThen most likely you are using FireFox.  We haven’t heard too many problems with this.  It is generally pretty straight forward.  Just put the donation amount in, if you change your mind about the donation amount, you can erase with your backspace key or highlite and delete.

If your donation page looks like this:


Chances are you are using either Chrome or Safari.  The most common problem we have heard about is getting rid of the 0.00. People try to high-lite and use the delete key or the back space key but nothing works.  Here is what we have found, press on the 0.00 amount.  It may high-lite or you may see a blinking vertical bar.  Now just start keying in the dollar amount that you want to donate.  The 0.00 will automatically be replaced

chrome-changedollarIf you need to change the amount, now your backspace key or high-lite and delete key will work.

Still have some questions, then contact us here

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