President Job Description

INC PRESIDENT – RESPONSIBILITIES According to By-Laws and Standing Rules

    Responsible for seeing that the purposes of the Association are carried out in accordance with the By-Laws and Policies
    Preside at all meetings of the Delegation, Board of Directors, and EC

a.) Propose and prepare the agenda for all meetings

b.) Working with the Board of Directors and committee chairs and co-chairs identify and select programs and speakers for Delegate Meetings and recommend special programs and events

c.) Review the minutes of the meetings for all meetings and give final approval

    Proposes Agenda for all meetings
    Calls meetings to develop Strategic Plan for the Budget guided by the Board of Directors and EC (after appointing Budget Chair and committee members)
    Appoints Budget Chair and committee members who develop a Strategic Plan for the Budget
    Appoint any resident of the City of Denver to fill a position (Committee Chair) with the majority approval of the Board of Directors
    Appoint the Chair of all Committees with the approval of the Board of Directors
    By appointment, and with Board of Director approval, immediately fill officer vacancies for the duration of the term. BUT such appointments will be confirmed by vote of the Delegation within two meetings from the time of notification of the Delegation of such vacancy.
    Appoints Audit Committee of three Delegates to review the Treasurer’s records at the end of the Fiscal Year
    The President may be present to ask questions at a meeting of the Audit Committee, but may not serve on it
    Receives recommendations for committee members for the Budget Committeee
    Appoints the Chair of the Dinner Committee
    As a member of the EC Board of Directors, and with the EC Board Officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer) give advance notice and approval to a Committee/Committee Chair to sign contracts or make commitments on behalf of INC (or alternatively with the approval of the whole Board of Directors)
    If any INC Officer recommends “exceptional action” to the President, the President by phone of e-mail will meet/confer with the Board of Directors to obtain approval. If the Board of Directors approves, the President will ask the Membership Chair to notify member RNOs by e-mail or phone and request a reply within 24 hours pro or con. If a majority approves, the President authorizes the action and informs the Delegation of the action at the next meeting.
    Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees
    Selects two members of the EC to hold keys, be responsible for mail
    Cosigns INC checks with the Treasurer
    May deposit funds into INC bank accounts – presents a copy of such checks and the check register to the Treasurer
    With the Treasurer prepares year-end income statements and reports to the newly elected Treasurer, INC President and Budget Committee Chair
    With the Treasurer accomplishes IRS and City reports in a timely manner
    Mutually with the Budget Chair decides on any paper/electronic records and receipts not to be retained
    Gives non-retained records and receipts to the Treasurer to shred
    May be present to ask questions at a meeting of the Audit Committee

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