Resolution to Amend the Zoning Code to Provide Zoning of Parks

Whereas the City Charter of the City and County of Denver assigns responsibility for
land use to City Council; and,

Whereas Denver’s 2010 Zoning Code rewrite created a parks and open space
zoning category called OS-A and assigned all parkland to the OS-A category; and,

Whereas the 2010 Zoning Code assigned unilateral, blanket responsibility for all
use decisions for OS-A to the Executive Director of Parks and Recreation; and,

Whereas the Director of Parks and Recreation is a single individual, appointed by
the Mayor, the 2010 Zoning Code has removed parks land use responsibility from the
City Council, who are representatives of the neighborhoods’ citizens; and,

Whereas the Director of Parks has used this authority to make decisions about park
land use without consideration of the public’s input; and,

Whereas City Council has the authority to amend the Zoning Code; and,
Whereas Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation has opposed the assignment of OS-A
land use decisions to the Director of Parks and Recreation in the new Zoning Code in
a Resolution issued on September 12, 2009;

It is Resolved by Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Zoning and Planning:

We request City Council to amend the Zoning Code such that OS-A land is
subject to community-inclusive zoning control processes similar to other zoning
classifications and under the authority of City Council and commit to take no action in
Council to bring forth a bill in this matter until a meaningful community engagement
process has been completed.

Passed by the Zoning and Planning Committee of the Inter Neighborhood Cooperation on
October 28, 2017.
Will be voted on at the INC Delegates meeting on November 11, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 11:30 AM
Location: Willis Case Golf Course 4999 Vrain St Denver 80212

Contact: Charles H. Nadler, Chair, Zoning and Planning Committee, INC,

10/29/2017 4:30:13 PM

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