39th Avenue Greenway, Park Hill Golf Course

Initially, the city planned to purchase the entire Park Hill course for more than $20 million from Clayton Early Learning, the nonprofit that controls the land. The possibilities included developing part of the land for affordable housing. That hasn’t worked out.

Instead, the city is now moving to forcibly buy the right to use part of the land, while still keeping the golf course possible to operate. But the question of whether or not the land really would stay as open space was a central concern on Tuesday night.

Espinoza said he worried that the deal was set up in a way that could let Clayton out of the long-standing agreement that prevents development on the land, and he called for the council to take a closer look.

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INC TRANSPORTATION November Meeting Notes 2017

Hilary Lenz, Program Director at A Little Help, discussed her non-profit group which connects seniors to neighborhood volunteers. A Little Help is “Connecting Neighbors to Help Seniors Thrive.” Volunteers can be matched with seniors, providing resources such as giving seniors rides to the pharmacy, shoveling snow, performing chores and handy help, teaching technology, running general errands, and performing home health care.

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View Of The Golf Course

Take away that space and you’re taking away something sacred we’re quickly losing – our connection with the earth, the community, and the importance of play. Spaces to calm our busy minds in, to let go in the warm sun, to enjoy stunning snow peaked mountain views and crisp fresh air. Spaces that teach vision, confidence, action, follow through, and consistency.

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Erik Solivan, the director of the city’s Office of HOPE (Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere) explained the almost-finished five-year Comprehensive Housing Plan to the committee. In 2016, a Housing Advisory Committee, which is the author of the plan, and an Affordable Housing Fund were established by ordinance. The fund, which replaces the money raised by the former inclusionary housing ordinance, is expected to raise approximately $15 million per year. The city is also looking for financial help from foundations and major employers. The city of Denver’s population, currently 700,000, grew 27% since 2000. The term “affordable housing” is meant to cover a wide area of the housing market, from no income to 80% of the average median income. The fundamental values of the plan are:

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Thank You From Denver Health

Funding from the Denver go will use to build the outpatient Medical Center, OMC Denver Health. The OMC will be a 272000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that will allow us to expand 17 clinics and include a Day Surgery Center, expanded Pharmacy lab services and Radiology. These services will be available in one location at the OMC patients will be able to access all their care in one building

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Unresolved Lease Issue With Park Hill Golf Course

Plans are being made by the City of Denver to obtain at least 25 acres for flood control by immediate possession but plans also include closing and fencing the entire course for a two year period after which they plan to return it as a golf course if required. Those plans were revealed at the Dec 5 Finance and Government committee. Please view 00:34:41. Questions by Council Woman Robin Kniech revealed 2 plans, plan A and plan B 00:50:11

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At present, the most pressing on our agenda is the upcoming 2018 INC Annual Neighborhood Awards Dinner. We are still actively seeking volunteers for the dinner committee and if you would like to help, we’d welcome you. In the remaining few months leading up to the elections, take time to discuss among yourselves the person you’d wish to see as President moving forward.

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