INC TRANSPORTATION November Meeting Notes 2017

Hilary Lenz, Program Director at A Little Help, discussed her non-profit group which connects seniors to neighborhood volunteers. A Little Help is “Connecting Neighbors to Help Seniors Thrive.” Volunteers can be matched with seniors, providing resources such as giving seniors rides to the pharmacy, shoveling snow, performing chores and handy help, teaching technology, running general errands, and performing home health care.

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Erik Solivan, the director of the city’s Office of HOPE (Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere) explained the almost-finished five-year Comprehensive Housing Plan to the committee. In 2016, a Housing Advisory Committee, which is the author of the plan, and an Affordable Housing Fund were established by ordinance. The fund, which replaces the money raised by the former inclusionary housing ordinance, is expected to raise approximately $15 million per year. The city is also looking for financial help from foundations and major employers. The city of Denver’s population, currently 700,000, grew 27% since 2000. The term “affordable housing” is meant to cover a wide area of the housing market, from no income to 80% of the average median income. The fundamental values of the plan are:

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INC PARC Meeting Notes Nov 21, 2017

PARC said it has long been asking for Denver Parks and Rec numbers regarding costs and income from park use. PARC also is interested in the taking of park property for other uses. O’Brien indicates this accounting is improving, but still problematic. Every city contract includes the requirement of an audit by the City Auditor. PARC emphasized the need of returning park zoning to a form that requires vote of City Council (citizens’ elected channel) for use changes. Mr. O’Brien said that some City Councilpersons are in close contact with his office for information, and all are welcome.

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Delegate Meeting Minutes Nov 11 2017


JJ Niemann, INC President, introduced Margie Valdez, Chair Bylaws Sub Committee, to review proposed bylaws changes pertaining to last date to renew membership within INC and to be able to participate in voting on or running for INC board positions. The changes were emailed to all members October 30, 2017. 45 delegates present at this time.

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Executive Committee Meeting August 14 2017

Improve Communication

Can we have a group that pushes information through Next Door? How do our delegates do wants to receive information (website, social media, etc.)?

Street blog, Channel 8, and other mediums can be used to relay information.

EC will use survey results and research some more communication options. This will be discussed at a future EC meeting.

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Executive Committee Minutes September 11, 2017

Venue / Date / Theme: Hotel is booked for January 31 – total ballroom. INC to invite same groups (City leaders, INC members, non-member RNO leaders). About 500 invitations and about half attend (250). Meal selection can be same as 2017. Cash bar.

Theme is Neighborhoods Working Together. Awards to be the central focus, shorter program, PPT to be INC branded, professional emcee and short Visit Denver presentation.

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Saturday’s Meeting

Margie sent out notes from Saturday’s meetings.

There will a change to the bylaws that delegates who do not pay dues by February 15th (45 days prior to election) will not be eligible to vote in the March officer elections.

Executive Committee will be trained on Robert’s Rules. Loretta will speak to an attorney for training. Payment for a parliamentarian may be an option.

Both sides of issues will be presented; and, ideally, motions will be presented in writing.

Meeting attendance requirements or charges will not be set, but organization attendance will be reported.

Dignitaries, Mayor’s office, and non-delegate RNO’s will be invited to dinners.

Child care will be considered for future forums but not for dinner.

February Forum will be for diversity / displacement / gentrification. Drew suggested a committee be set up for it. He also recommended a professor from Columbia be invited, since she will be in town around the same time as the forum. He will follow up on outreach to her.

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