Executive Committee Meeting August 14 2017

Improve Communication

Can we have a group that pushes information through Next Door? How do our delegates do wants to receive information (website, social media, etc.)?

Street blog, Channel 8, and other mediums can be used to relay information.

EC will use survey results and research some more communication options. This will be discussed at a future EC meeting.

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The Zoning and Planning Committee of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation met on August 26, 2017 and briefly discussed the proposed “framework agreement” that will govern the National Western Center for the next 50 years and which is expected to be filed with City Council on September 7, 2017. Please note that we had no access to the document to review, because the very lengthy agreement has not been made available to the public and was negotiated and written behind closed doors.

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Motion for INC Delegate Meeting August 12 2017

The governance structure for a Denver P3 office hasn’t been determined. In fact, whether the office will in fact be created hasn’t been determined. Right now, city officials are $475,000 deep into a contract with Arup Advisory Inc. to develop the program, and they’ve asked City Council to approve an additional $480,000 in consulting work (for a total of $955,000) to get the program up and running by year’s end. The actual creation and staffing of the office would be part of the 2018 budget process.

But City Council members — even those that like the idea of the office — are concerned about the process that Arup has suggested for future deals. Instead of City Council getting an up or down vote on the final contract, as is the case now, council would approve a “parameters ordinance” or “framework ordinance” that lays out what they’d like to see in the deal. The city’s P3 office would then go out looking for a partner willing to work with the city under those conditions. As long as the final contract complied with the framework ordinance, it could be approved administratively.

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