INC invites you to be involved. INC’s Annual Meeting is March 10 and at that time, we elect our new board members. Positions open: President, Secretary and three delegates-at-large (board). Officers must be delegates (regular or alternate) from member organizations.
Ideally, Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure INC has adequate resources to advance its mission. Knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order is helpful

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Application For Denver Police Department Community Advisory Board

The Denver Police Department highly values its partnership with the community and recognizes that having public engagement creates a successful law enforcement agency. Continuing with Department’s mission to collaborate with the community to make Denver a better and safer place for all its members, DPD invites interested community members to apply to join the Chief’s Community Advisory Board. Selected members of the Chief’s Community Advisory Board will advise the Chief of Police on issues, matters and public policies, which influence or impact the ongoing relationship between the Denver Police Department, and the community we serve.

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Strongest committees: PARC, ZAP, Transportation – provide good engagement and participation

Ideal to have co-chairs for every committee to increase member participation and reduce stress for any one area

As needs arise, empty committee chairs will be filled and we’ll get EC input on whether to temporarily remove from the website (Education, Charitable Works, and maybe Safety).

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INC Board of Directors Job Responsibilities

  According to By-Laws and Standing Rules AUTHORITY: To manage the affairs of the corporation between meetings of the Delegation To manage INC functions Application of position statements in accordance with the objectives in Article II (Purposes) Recommendation of policies … READ MORE

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O’Connor Vs The Denver Planning Board 15CA0709

VIDEO: This hearing before the Colorado Court of Appeals, is critically important to Denver’s neighborhoods. The City of Denver maintains that only residents within 200 feet of property have the right to challenge a rezoning decision in court. The intent of this appeal of a District Court decision on this matter is what is being argued here by Attorney Greg Kerwin. However, note also that the City Attorney, Ms. Avila, also argues that no “quasi-judicial” decision of the Denver Planning Board can be appealed in court even if members of the Planning Board act arbitrarily or have clear conflicts of interest.

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