INC Delegate Meeting Featuring Denver Office of Special Events

VIDEO: Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Nov 14 2015 Delegate meeting. This meeting featured the Denver Office of Special Events (Katy Stracina) and Denver Parks and Recs (Fred Weiss, Happy Haynes). The topic was “Creating Balance In Our Parks and Neighborhoods”

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Is recycled water affecting park trees in Denver?

VIDEO KUSA- It’s called Evergreen Hill — a landscape design added on to Washington Park about 100 years ago.

“We normally would’ve been in the dark here, almost, you know in the middle of the day. It was so shady in here,” said Sonia John, with Friends and Neighbors of Washington Park.

A 2010 report done for Denver Water by landscape consultants found high concentrations of sodium around trees in Denver Parks, which is irrigated with recycled water. READ MORE

Creating Balance in Our Parks & Neighborhoods

From: Ramirez, Grace L. – Office of Special Events <> Subject: Creating Balance in Our Parks & Neighborhoods Date: Fri, Oct 30, 2015 5:05 pm   Dear Neighborhood Leaders, Residents, and Businesses, Hello again! Many of you may have heard … READ MORE

INC Delegation Approves Resolution On Parks Designation

no park or portion of any park belonging to the City as of December 31, 1955, shall be sold or leased at any time, and no land acquired by the City after December 31, 1955, that is designated a park by ordinance shall be sold or leased at any time, provided, however, that property in parks may be leased for park purposes to concessionaires, to charitable or nonprofit organizations, or to governmental jurisdictions. READ MORE