Denver Auditor claims zoo dodges audit on plan to turn poop into energy

The auditor’s office wants to investigate money that was spent on the plant and current plans for the proposed facility.

Denver Zoo announced in September it would discontinue, a least temporarily, plans for a $3.7 million biomass gasification system that turns animal waste into energy. Zoo officials say if the plant is built, it will not be on zoo grounds.

“The Zoo’s obstruction has increased the perceived risk to the City involved in this contract,” O’Brien said. “We have to wonder, what is it that the Zoo doesn’t want us to discover?” READ MORE

INC Delegates Meeting Resolution On Video

On Aug 8 2015 the INC Delegates passed a resolution concerning Denver City Park Solid Waste Incinerator, also known as gasification.
Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation calls upon
1.) the Denver Zoo to document relevant, substantive technical and operational details of its OSWI Incinerator and release this information to the public, and READ MORE

Denver Zoo Incinerator Raises Questions about Health and Safety

When the Denver Zoological Foundation went to City Council in December 2014 for approval of a $50 million “gasification” plant, the INC PARC sent the attached letter to some members of Denver City Council clarifying that INC had never taken a … READ MORE