Application For Denver Police Department Community Advisory Board

The Denver Police Department highly values its partnership with the community and recognizes that having public engagement creates a successful law enforcement agency. Continuing with Department’s mission to collaborate with the community to make Denver a better and safer place for all its members, DPD invites interested community members to apply to join the Chief’s Community Advisory Board. Selected members of the Chief’s Community Advisory Board will advise the Chief of Police on issues, matters and public policies, which influence or impact the ongoing relationship between the Denver Police Department, and the community we serve.

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Audit Report Of Department of Parks and Rec Contract Practices

As described in the attached report, our audit revealed that DPR needs to improve contract
administration practices. Specifically, DPR does not have formalized and up-to-date policies and procedures and roles and responsibilities are unclear. DPR also lacks controls to ensure reliability and accuracy of information entered into the contract administration system. In addition, controls related to on-call contracts need to be enhanced and DPR is also at risk of losing institutional knowledge at the management level owing to a lack of segregation of duties and documentation surrounding contract decision making. Contract administration weaknesses identified negatively impact DPR’s ability to properly manage contracts.
Through stronger controls for contract administration and addressing concerns regardin

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