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Currently, the land is restricted by city zoning to use as a golf course or open space, Brantley said. That means that any private developer would have to go through a fairly complex and risky process to get anything else done.

The city, meanwhile, already has a legal relationship with Clayton because of the way the Clayton Trust is structured. The city originally acted as the trustee for the assets left behind when George Clayton died in 1899. The golf course previously was agricultural and dairy land, and the government later managed it as a city golf course starting in 1932.

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Documents Regarding Park Hill Golfcourse

These documents are maintained for historical purposes Clayton Agency Agreement 2000 Release of Easement 2000 Conservation Easement 1997 Additional Related Documents  Maintained Only As Records PHGC deed recorded 12-1-2000 [PDF corrected] Commercial Sale Dec 2000 Bill Of Sale Commercial Property … READ MORE

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INC PARC Recommended Resolution RE: Acquisition of Park Hill Golf Course

Whereas, Park Hill Golf Course is approximately 155 acres in size and is generally located between Colorado Boulevard on the west, Smith Road on the north, Dahlia Street on the east, and 35th Avenue on the south, and has been operated as a golf course for over 100 years; and

Whereas, contrary to popular belief, Park Hill Golf Course is NOT owned by Denver, but instead is owned by Clayton Early Learning, which is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to promote early childhood education

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Park Hill Neighborhood Divided by Battles Over Historic District, Subdividing Lots

The 2010 zoning code classifies the Montview corridor as an “urban single unit” (U-SU-H) district, with minimum lot sizes of 10,000 square feet; under the current arrangement, the Wongs would need to have a 20,000-square-foot lot in order to split it up, but their total lot size is 18,750 square feet. So the couple has applied for a zoning change that would essentially take the 50 x 125 strip behind the house out of the U-SU-H district and allow it to be developed as a Glencoe (rather than Montview) address — since, on the side street, the minimum lot size is only 5,500 square fee

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Who wins? Who loses? Platte To Park Hill Stormwater Drainage Project

By Kimberly Morse
City Council is preparing to vote on an ordinance that will amend Denver’s Revised Municipal Code regarding charges for sanitary sewage and stormwater drainage. If this amendment is approved all Denver wastewater rate payers will be on the hook for rate increases that will double year over year for the foreseeable future. The rate increase would take effect July 1.

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