Unresolved Lease Issue With Park Hill Golf Course

Plans are being made by the City of Denver to obtain at least 25 acres for flood control by immediate possession but plans also include closing and fencing the entire course for a two year period after which they plan to return it as a golf course if required. Those plans were revealed at the Dec 5 Finance and Government committee. Please view 00:34:41. Questions by Council Woman Robin Kniech revealed 2 plans, plan A and plan B 00:50:11

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INC PARC Meeting Notes Nov 21, 2017

PARC said it has long been asking for Denver Parks and Rec numbers regarding costs and income from park use. PARC also is interested in the taking of park property for other uses. O’Brien indicates this accounting is improving, but still problematic. Every city contract includes the requirement of an audit by the City Auditor. PARC emphasized the need of returning park zoning to a form that requires vote of City Council (citizens’ elected channel) for use changes. Mr. O’Brien said that some City Councilpersons are in close contact with his office for information, and all are welcome.

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Whereas, on September 21, 2017, a complicated proposed contract between Denver and Clayton was publicly released (likewise on the INC website) that, among other things, would divide the 155 acres of Park Hill Golf Course into 2 parcels – 50% of the property that would be sold in fee title directly to Denver for $10 million (Art. 2) and the remaining 50% that would be “leased” to Denver (Art. 3.1) but also subject to potential sale to third parties depending on the outcome of a “Visioning / Master Plan” process (Art. 7); and

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INC PARC Recommended Resolution RE: Acquisition of Park Hill Golf Course

Whereas, Park Hill Golf Course is approximately 155 acres in size and is generally located between Colorado Boulevard on the west, Smith Road on the north, Dahlia Street on the east, and 35th Avenue on the south, and has been operated as a golf course for over 100 years; and

Whereas, contrary to popular belief, Park Hill Golf Course is NOT owned by Denver, but instead is owned by Clayton Early Learning, which is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to promote early childhood education

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