Parks Could Do More To Improve Customer Satisfaction

In examining the efficiency and effectiveness of DPR’s permitting process, the audit team assessed the extent to which DPR’s permitting procedures align with applicable legal requirements, leading management practices, and professional standards. “We also looked at whether DPR’s fees offset the cost of providing permits and maintaining the facilities. This is an area appropriately governed by policy,” explained Audit Supervisor LaKeshia Allen Horner. “DPR’s philosophy recognizes that the more the community benefits from a program or service, the more justification there is for taxpayers funding a portion of it.”

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Denver’s population is surging. Its summers are getting hotter. How will the city’s parks system adapt?

Reprinted from Denver Post –
A new city report that’s part of a drive to set the course for Denver Parks and Recreation for the next 15 to 20 years says such adaptations must accelerate as the parks system contends with several emerging challenges. Chief among them are a rapidly growing population with changing expectations and health needs, climate changes that will impose new environmental stresses on the landscape, and limited budgets and resources that could strain all of those efforts.

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Legal floodgate expands to protect public parks

Joe Boven, an active participant in the unfolding event, explains, “These citizens are deeply concerned about the proposed use of City Park Golf Course — which is designated parkland entitled to protection under Denver’s Charter — for purposes both contrary to the public good and park purposes.” They are further concerned that the city has hidden its intention to use a recent stormwater drainage fee increase to fund the Platte to Park Hill drainage system. That system proposes construction of a multi-acre stormwater detention facility in the Golf Course to ease drainage concerns and reduce Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) expenditures for “The Ditch.”

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Designated Parks

From: “Scott M. Gilmore – PR Parks and Planning – PP” <> To: “Timothy M. O’Brien – Auditor’s Office” <>, “Kathleen MacKenzie – Auditor’s Office” <> Cc: “Scott M. Gilmore – PR Parks and Planning – PP” <>, Sent: Monday, … READ MORE

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Notice of New Parks Designation Policy

Notice is hereby given that the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City & County of Denver has adopted a new Parks Designation Policy as of November 18, 2016. The new policy clarifies the designation status of and the protections afforded to Denver parks under the existing legal framework and sets forth the public process with respect to designation of Denver parks.

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Denver Parks & Recreation under scrutiny in recent audit

This summer, O’Brien released an audit raising questions about so called “unique contract terms” in Denver Parks & Recreation agreements, especially at city-owned golf courses.
For example, at Wellshire golf course the contract for the concessionaire, Wellshire Event center, has a highly unusual length — extending up to fifty years.

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Auditor Report Helps to Generate Parks Designation Policy From Parks and Recs

The proposed policy defines what is a park and what is not a park. More importantly, it clarifies the processes for “Designated” and “Dedicated” parks. Essentially, a Designated park involves Charter recognition, requiring a public vote to change a park’s status (excepting state or federal eminent domain), whereas a Dedicated park is recognized under DPR policies. This proposed policy has been in draft form since 2009

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