Unresolved Lease Issue With Park Hill Golf Course

Plans are being made by the City of Denver to obtain at least 25 acres for flood control by immediate possession but plans also include closing and fencing the entire course for a two year period after which they plan to return it as a golf course if required. Those plans were revealed at the Dec 5 Finance and Government committee. Please view 00:34:41. Questions by Council Woman Robin Kniech revealed 2 plans, plan A and plan B 00:50:11

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39th Avenue Greenway Team Selection Announcement

Following contract negotiations, Denver City Council’s Land Use, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will consider the recommended team for a City Council vote. The City, along with the selected team, is anticipated to meet with the community to refine the greenway design in late 2017/early 2018. Pre-construction activities, such as utility relocations, are already underway, with the greenway expected to be completed at the end of 2019. Also included in the contract is funding to integrate a stormwater detention facility in the northeast corner of what is now operating as Park Hill Golf Course.

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