Message from the President Feb 2017

We have an opportunity for public engagement that creates instead of resists. Our city has a store of energy in our citizens that can be used to grow and motivate, not just struggle and repel. As city representatives and neighborhood leaders we have the organization to turn their energy and motivation into improvements and community growth. The power of sustainable outreach and engagement comes from a willingness and ability to ask for their involvement

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Message From The President Dec 2017

The holidays are a time for giving and a time for sharing. They are such an important time for Denver registered neighborhood organizations because they help us solidify our bonds of friendship and keep us going in these cold, dark months. The potlucks we organize and the people we share the season with are those who will sustain us and help us the rest of the year. I hope your holidays were warm and well-attended.

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President Job Description

OVERSIGHT: Responsible for seeing that the purposes of the Association are carried out in accordance with the By-Laws and Policies Preside at all meetings of the Delegation, Board of Directors, and EC a.) Propose and prepare the agenda for all … READ MORE

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Inc Vice President – Responsibilities

According to By-Laws and Standing Rules OVERSIGHT: Performs the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request Immediately assume a vacancy in the office of President EXECUTIVE: As a member of the EC Board, and with the … READ MORE

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Development Developments- From the President- April 2015

From the President Development Developments We can’t say that neighborhood issues are not taking the spotlight during the past couple of months. Seems like the rest of Denver is catching up to what many in INC have noticed for several years. There … READ MORE

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