Resolution to Amend the Zoning Code to Provide Zoning of Parks

It is Resolved by Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Zoning and Planning:

We request City Council to amend the Zoning Code such that OS-A land is
subject to community-inclusive zoning control processes similar to other zoning
classifications and under the authority of City Council and commit to take no action in
Council to bring forth a bill in this matter until a meaningful community engagement
process has been completed.

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Proposed Council Bill to Provide Waiting Periods For Applications

The language of Council Bill to amending the Denver Retail Marijuana Code and the Denver Medical Marijuana Code to provide waiting periods for application for certain licensing actions at or near a location where a previous application has been denied or withdrawn.

Full Text Here: CB 2017-523
Key Messages regarding Council Bill 523: Notes from the office of Councilman Kevin Flynn

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