Executive Committee Minutes September 11, 2017

Venue / Date / Theme: Hotel is booked for January 31 – total ballroom. INC to invite same groups (City leaders, INC members, non-member RNO leaders). About 500 invitations and about half attend (250). Meal selection can be same as 2017. Cash bar.

Theme is Neighborhoods Working Together. Awards to be the central focus, shorter program, PPT to be INC branded, professional emcee and short Visit Denver presentation.

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In lieu of a regular meeting, INC held a public forum to discuss CDOT’s planned expansion of I-70 through the neighborhoods of Elyria and Swansea, and the City of Denver’s related Platte to Park Hill Storm Water Project. Over 100 people attended the event. CDOT and Denver’s City Planning were invited to be on the panel and both declined.
INC’s goal was to provide an opportunity to have a serious open discussion about these two very complicated and controversial projects as well as ask hard questions that many feel have not been answered.

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Charlotte Winzenberg now represent INC on the STR Advisory Committee. Excise and Licenses has hired a private company to search for STRs, primarily through online listings, to make sure that, as the ordinance requires, an owner has obtained a license for the STR and that the STR is the primary residence of the owner. The city believes that there are approximately 3000 STRs (although many are rented only a few days per year). Currently, 2054 (about 67%) are licensed. Other city departments, not Excise and Licenses, regulate properties for issues such as noise and trash. Excise and Licenses has issued about 1600 warning notices and imposed fines on 35 properties.

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INC PARC Notes September 19 2017

A developer wants the city to trade a parcel of land on the east side of Fairfax that had been touted as a future pocket park by DPR (this land appears on several lists of property owned by DPR; for a similar size parcel in the middle of the developer’s project across the street on the west side of Fairfax. It is unclear whether the developer would allow designation of the proposed land or whether DPR would maintain the “plaza” between two proposed restaurants as a true park. It has been acknowledged that should the developer acquire the parcel on the east, it would serve for future development. The neighbors object to this swap and want to retain the original parcel of land for a small community park as described by Executive Director Scott Gilmore in previous meetings with the RNO

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